Friday, June 26, 2015

California Cross Country CBEDs

1) Northern Section
2) North Coast Section
3) Sac Joaquin Section
4) San Francisco Section
5) Oakland Section
6) Central Coast Section Boys
7) Central Section
8) Los Angeles Section
9) Southern Section

The missing CBEDs will be added throughout the summer. If you have the links to those CBEDs, please email them to and I will add those links.


Anonymous said...

1. D5 is schools up to 600 CBED now. Why are Nor Cal sections using old numbers?

2. Top 1/3 of D4 in San Diego would be D1 or D2 in Nor Cal.

The only solution seems to make schools bigger! Bellarmine is largest school in all CBEDs listed.

Albert Caruana said...

Most sections would lose the balance in certain divisions if they try to follow the new divisional numbers. The only way to make the state meet fair is to add an "uber" or open division and then make all sections follow the same numbers for every division from I to V. Until then, the SS will continue to dominate at the state meet going against smaller schools in every division.

Anonymous said...

Why does the southern section extend higher than the sf section? Surely it is big enough.

MV Moose said...

NCS and CCS top Div 5 at 499. Why does SDS stretch all the way to 600. It makes their Div 5 their largest division.
They could balance their divisions quite nicely if they topped Div 5 at 500 and go to 21 schools (rather than 19) in the top three divisions.

Bill said...


Albert Caruana said...

As a section, you are allowed to configure the top end of division V up to 600. CCS and NCS have chosen to continue to follow the old cap of 500 students in order to keep their other divisions balanced.

That link to the SJS divisions are for last year's season. Typically, the SJS posts their divisions in early to mid August.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I think bumping up to 600 for D5 CCS CBEDS would be more balanced. As is there are not enough teams to field a competitive division. Putting a few extra teams mean you now have 10 or so complete teams compete at CCS instead of 5?

This could bring a more competitive balance. With 18 or so teams in D1-4 everyone could be in the line.

Bill said...

Actually SJS Divisional re-alignment only happens every 4 years. Last year was the first year and those Divisions will be valid until 2017.

But you are right that August was when they posted their divisions last year.

Anonymous said...

To the first poster: James Logan HS has a CBED of 4180, so Bellarmine is second biggest by a long shot; Pittsburgh HS and Berkeley HS are roughly the same size as Bellarmine, CBED #-wise.

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