Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Arcadia Invitational Mile Invitational Sections PRs (Girls & Boys)

Destiny Collins Great Oak 4:45.26
Amanda Gehrich Tesoro 4:46.53
Katie Rainsberger Air Academy, Colorado 4:48.84
Marissa Williams Palisades 4:50.77
Ashley Cantine Lakeside (Seattle), Washington 4:51.10
Bryn Morley Bigfork, Montana 4:51.10
Hannah Benoit Buchanan 4:51.46
Kendall Derry Bella Vista 4:52.00
Julia Guerra Indian Hills, New Jersey 4:52.12
Kashley Carter Juab, Utah 4:53.00
Emily Hamlin Boise, Idaho 4:53.00
Jordyn Colter Cherry Creek, Colorado 4:55.40
Nicole Hutchinson Sentinel, Canada 4:57.84 (mile)
Lauren Gregory Fort Collins, Colorado 4:57.36

Jack Yearian Bellarmine Prep, Washington 4:08.50
Braxton Dajour Centennial, Nevada 4:10.61
Ryan Clevenger Downers Grove North, Illinois 4:11.20
William Ernst San Luis Obispo 4:12.53 (mile)
George Gleason Huntington Beach 4:11.58
Erik Armes Coronado 4:13.21
Cooper Kossick Edison 4:13.48 (mile)
Andrew Vandine North Central, Washington 4:13.92
Josh Collins Wasatch, Utah 4:14.47
Millen Trujillo Walnut 4:15.52 (mile)
Kai Benedict McQueen, Nevada 4:15.48 (mile)
Logan Mackay Davis, Utah 4:19.59
Garek Bielaczyc East, Utah 4:19.60


Anonymous said...

Note that Arcadia altitude adjusts the Mile PR times when seeding the heats. As an example, a 4:19 in Ogden Utah is likely considered to be around a 4:14 at sea level. Same applies for 3200, although numbers are of course larger. I don't know if they also do 800M, since the adjustment is a much smaller number (< 1 second).

Albert Caruana said...

Definitely a good point about altitude adjustment. I may also not have the right PR for some runners as some races never get posted online.

It's also amazing how many top flight runners record their PRs at Arcadia. Some of them stand from last year and the year before.

Anonymous said...

Strong fields are certainly a big help for PRs. And Arcadia has the stongest fields in this half of the country.

Along those lines, I hope Conner Ross said thanks to Ross Corey after Mr Corey rabbited the first lap of the Stanford 800M with a 53 Low. That had to have been helpful in Conner getting his US#1.

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