Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Arcadia Invitational 3200m Invitational Sections PRs (Girls & Boys)

Select the top three finishers for each race. Who will win? Who will be the biggest surprise? How many boys will break 9? How many girls will break 10:30?

Fiona O'Keeffe Davis 10:14.60
Marissa Williams Palisades 10:25.02
Emily Beneduce Oak Park 10:25.93
Samantha Ortega Saugus 10:26.39
Caroline Pietrzyk Malibu 10:30.45
Lucy Biles Herriman, Utah 10:32.18
Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy 10:37.13 (Indoor 2 mile)
Danielle Jones Dessert Vista, Arizona 10:34.16
Morgan Florsheim Shorewood, Wisconsin 10:36.29
Brooke Starn Monte Vista 10:36.51
Morgin Coonfield McKinleyville 10:37.06
Emily Hamlin Boise, Idaho 10:38.5
Mikayla Sodersten Clovis 10:40.99
Brighie Leach Campolindo 10:41.45
Caroline Yarbrough Page, North Carolina 10:43.63
Niki Iyer Harker 10:44.19
Baylee Jones Dessert Vista, Arizona 10:45.32
Andrea Masterson Lakeside (Seattle), Washington 10:46.58
Kashley Carter Juab, Utah 10:49.11
Kyla Danforth Canyon (Canyon Country) 10:49.62
Aubrey Argyle Davis, Utah 10:49.85
Carleen Jeffers Ridgewood, New Jersey 10:49.98
Desirae Jones Simi Valley 10:50.32
Claire Graves Citrus Valley 10:50.45
Caroline Gee Cupertino 10:50.45
Desiree Stinger Great Oak 10:50.83
Lizzie Lacy Menlo 10:54.31
Karli Piaia Rock Springs, Wyoming 11:02.06
Abbey Kargol Downers Grove (South), Illinois 11:07.14

Jesse Reiser McHenry, Illionois 8:54.31
Elijah Armstrong Pocatello, Idaho 8:55.92
Robert Brandt Loyola 8:56.69
Austin Tamagno Brea Olinda 8:56.86
Zack Snider Brefeuf Jesuit Prep, Indiana 8:58.4 (Indoor 2 mile)
Zach Dale Hoffman Estates (Conant) Illinois (8:59.76 (Indoor 2 mile)
Caleb Webb Big Bear 8:59.17
Brian Zabilski Saugus 8:59.98
Miles Yapp Brookwood, Georgia 9:01.05
George Beamish New Zealand 8:24.08 (3k)
Tanis Baldwin East Henderson, North Carolina 9:02.66
Philip Hall Terry Sandord, North Carolina 9:03.03
Alek Parsens Ogden, Utah 9:04.94
Andrew Snyder Kamiakin, Washington 9:05.03
Benjamin Veatch Carmel, Indiana 9:05.20
Stuart Smith Nathan Hale, Washington 9:07.09
Ryan Clavenger Downers Grove (North) Illinois 9:07.22
Adam Barnard Daniel Boone, Tennessee 9:07.54
Kyle Christ West Johnson, North Carolina 9:07.58
Eduardo Herrera Madera South 9:07.82
Blaise Ferro Christian Brothers Academy, New Jersey 9:08.02
Steven Sum Saratoga 9:08.56
Collin Price St. Margaret 9:08.87
Kai Benedict McQueen, Nevada 9:08.96
Wesley Walsh Canyon (Anaheim) 9:09.15
Pedro Nasta John Cooper, Texas 9:09.30
Kevin Salvano Buffalo Grove, Illinois 9:10.05
Devon Reed Jurupa Hills 9:10.13
Ben Barrett Norman North, Oklahoma 9:10.52
Phillip Rocha Arcadia 9:11.15
Kasey Knevelbaard Immanuel 9:12.80
Sam Ritz Germantown Academy, Pennsylvania 4:08.67 (Indoor mile) 9:22.79
Eric Hamer Palmer Ridge, Colorado 9:30.66


Bill said...

I thought top three qualified from Dublin Distance Carnival 3200?

It doesn't look like Sean Kurdy (Jesuit) or Colin Burke (O'Dowd) bothered to make the trip. And not all the girls went as well. It couldn't be that there was a qualifying time because they were faster than some of the entries.

Sounds like a no-brainer to get a PR and some quality competition or do you think Arcadia doesn't have the lustre except for So-Cal athletes.

Andrew said...

@ Bill

The DDF qualifiers are as follows: **Arcadia Auto Qualifier: The 2014 Boys 3200 featured 3 guaranteed spots into the Arcadia Invitational night meet heats.

And that is also with the champion being guaranteed a spot in the Invite section at Arcadia (as we see with Sum). But the 2nd and 3rd place runners at DDF are put into the "night meet heats" which include the Seeded and Rated sections, which I believe Burke and Kurdy are in. Albert just listed the Invite sections entries.

Bill said...

Yes, I stand corrected.

I wonder how the Invitational versus the Open races are determined in regards to the distance races. It looks like the races in lanes are strictly based on entry times. Top 9 fastest are in invitational, next 9 fastest are in seeded.

But the 3200 has some with faster times in the rated versus the invitational. As with the case with Kurdy and Burke.

Maybe entry in 3200 Invitational is based more on resume and wins rather than time?

JC said...

@ Bill to add on to Andrew's comment for the Girls DDF it was only the winner to the Invitational Heat of Arcadia, and Leach is there on the list.

Anonymous said...

Which NorCal athletes are competing by event? Or favorites for 800,1600 and 3200?

Albert Caruana said...

The top 3 boys and top girl won invitations to the Arcadia Invitational but not necessarily a spot in the Invitational races. Sum and Leach qualified for those races based on their times. I am sure Burke and Kurdy will have plenty of competition in the seeded races and just a few years ago, John Lawson broke 9 in the seeded race.

Look for more info in regards to the other distance races and the top NorCal contenders.

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