Monday, April 06, 2015

Kaitlin Goodman, née Gregg (Former Davis HS, UC Davis runner)

Awesome 10K race for Kaitlin this past Friday at Stanford Invitational as she finished in 3rd place in a new lifetime best time 32:09.82 (77.29 per 400 for 25 laps). According to her dad Bill (Davis HS coach), she finished the last 9 laps of the race in 11:20.3 (She also ran the last 3200 in 10:04.0, last 1600 in 4:55.0 and last 400 in 69.2). Kaitlin has made great improvements from her high school running days. Her high school PR in the 1600 was 5:18.22 (also ran 11.27.x 3200m.). She improved to 16:21.99 in the 5K as a senior at UC Davis. Her 10K PR before Friday's race was 33:01.03

You can check out her finish at Friday's 10K which is Flotrack's Kick of the Week here:
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You can check out Kaitlin's blog at the following link where she has chronicled her pursuit of the Olympics. She is definitely a great example of someone who has continued to develop as a runner and will be an Olympic contender without the fanfare of high school and college superstardom.

Check out her blog as well and read "Have a little faith".

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And I though her pop was a great coach :-)...JK

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