Monday, October 06, 2014

Mid-Season NCS Division Rankings (Team and Individual)

Division I Boys (Teams)
1) De La Salle
2) Amador Valley
3) Monte Vista
4) Heritage
5) San Ramon Valley

Division I Boys (Individuals)
1) Matt Schumann De La Salle
2) Peter Schlacte Amador Valley
3) Austin Sanchez De La Salle
4) Christian Monsalud James Logan
5) Jon Jon Monsalud James Logan

Division I Girls (Teams)
1) Monte Vista
2) Amador Valley
3) Liberty
4) San Ramon Valley
5) Dougherty Valley

Division I Girls (Individuals)
1) Brooke Starn Monte Vista
2) Meredith Corda Monte Vista
3) Kaitlin Cartwright Amador Valley
4) Kai Bohannon Liberty
5) Alex Tucker Dougherty Valley

Division II Boys (Teams)
1) Granada
2) Casa Grande
3) Maria Carrillo
4) Dublin
5) Santa Rosa

Division II Boys (Individuals)
1) Jackson Crose Livermore
2) Matt Salazar Casa Grande
3) Nicholas Rauch Casa Grande
4) Andy Ehrenberg Redwood
5) Jake Egley Northgate

Division II Girls (Teams)
1) Maria Carrillo
2) Casa Grande
3) Redwood
4) Northgate
5) College Park

Division II Girls (Individuals)
1) Megan McCandless Granada
2) Delaney White Santa Rosa
3) Shaz Breedlove Maria Carrillo
4) Emma Moon Casa Grande
5) Adriana Barich Casa Grande
6) Andrea Gonzalez Casa Grande

Division III Boys (Teams)
1) Bishop O'Dowd
2) Campolindo
3) Las Lomas
4) Miramonte
5) Analy

Division III Boys (Individuals)
1) Colin Burke Bishop O'Dowd
2) Cameron Gaskell Acalanes
3) Nick Downs Bishop O'Dowd
4) Sean Burke Bishop O'Dowd
5) Tom Robey Las Lomas

Division III Girls (Teams)
1) Campolindo
2) Bishop O'Dowd
3) Las Lomas
4) Miramonte
5) Tamalpais

Division III Girls (Individuals)
1) Chloe Hansel Las Lomas
2) Brighie Leach Campolindo
3) Toni Finnane Campolindo
4) Sami Taketa Acalanes
5) Mary Orders Campolindo

Division IV Boys (Teams)
1) San Rafael
2) Sir Francis Drake
3) Arcata
4) McKinleyville
5) St. Mary's Berkeley

Division IV Boys (Individuals)
1) Brandon Kelsey Arcata
2) Nassim Kabbara San Rafael
3) Jeremy Leary Sir Francis Drake
4) Kellen O'Neill Arcata
5) Blake Delaney San Rafael

Division IV Girls (Teams)
1) Piedmont
2) Arcata
3) Sir Francis Drake
4) Marin Catholic
5) St. Mary's Berkeley

Division IV Girls (Individuals)
1) Morgin Coonfield McKinleyville
2) Sofia Noto Sir Francis Drake
3) Chloe Pigg Arcata
4) Michaela Barros Fortuna
5) Sophia Mills Piedmont

Division V Boys (Teams)
1) Marin Academy
2) St. Joseph Notre Dame
3) Lick-Wilmerding
4) College Prep
5) Athenian
6) University

Division V Boys (Individuals)
1) Trevor Reinhart Marin Academy
2) Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame
3) Dawson Recker Athenian
4) Alex Glavin College Prep
5) Connor Montgomery Marin Academy

Division V Girls (Teams)
1) Branson
2) Sonoma Academy
3) Lick-Wilmerding
4) Urban
5) St. Joseph Notre Dame
6) University
7) Athenian

Division V Girls (Individuals)
1) Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy
2) Grace Dailey Branson
3) Grace Brown Athenian
4) Kiera Marshall St. Joseph Notre Dame
5) Bevin McCullough Marin Academy

Let the comments begin.


Anonymous said...

Wait till this Saturday! Many NCS teams are racing at Clovis invitational.

Anonymous said...

Any many do not!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe tomorrow?

:-) just kidding - thanks for what you do

Albert Caruana said...

I have 3 more hours! I will come through with rankings.

Andrew said...

Albert, no one ever wants to speak up and post their thoughts before you do!

They just wanna critique yours.

Steve Palladino said...

1) Thanks for the hard work.
2) You left Shaz Breedlove from Maria Carillo off the D2 Girls list. Second at last year's NCS D2 Championships, 2nd to Delaney White at Stanford this year, and beating all of the Casa Grande contingent at Stanford and Ranch Invite H2H.

hank said...

Say Steve, is Mark Palladino (Carlmont) any relation?


Anonymous said...

Monte Vista girls have both 1 and 2 individuals in d1, wow

Anonymous said...

I think the D5 Girls Rankings should have CPS one spot ahead of Athenian. They have bested them twice in division meets.

Steve Palladino said...

Hank -
Yes, Mark Palladino is my nephew.
Other relations:
Nick Palladino, 1:54 800 Carlmont 2007 (Mark's borther).
Will Palladino, Aragon 2002 17:02 Crystal (my son).
Shannon Palladino, current senior at Maria Carillo (my daughter) - 2:22 / 5:21, Crystal best time TBD this weekend.

John Hotchkiss said...

The James Logan boys were 2nd at NCS last year in Division I, and went to CIF. I would not be surprised if they repeat---their top 3 are very solid and their #4 and #5 are solid but not visible to anyone outside of the MVAL. We will see...

Albert Caruana said...

Agreed John. Their top 3 are as good as any teams in the division. If their 4 and 5 continue to improve, James Logan will once again be contenders for a top finish.

Anonymous said...

How come Amador Valley is ranked in front of Monte Vista in the D1 boys? Monte Vista has beaten them both times they raced.

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