Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Northern California XC Rankings (2nd Version)

Feel free to comment on the teams and individuals below. Did I miss anybody?

Boys Teams
1) Los Gatos HS (CCS) Division II
2) Bellarmine HS (CCS) Division I
3) De La Salle HS (NCS) Division I
4) King City HS (CCS) Division IV
5) Davis HS (SJS) Division I
6) Jesuit HS (SJS) Division II
7) Granite Bay HS (SJS) Division I
8) Placer HS (SJS) Division III
9) Bishop O'Dowd HS (NCS) Division III
10) Granada HS (NCS) Division II

Girls Teams
1) Davis HS (SJS) Division I
2) Campolindo HS (NCS) Division III
3) Aptos HS (CCS) Division III
4) Bella Vista HS (SJS) Division I
5) St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS) Division I
6) Redwood, Larkspur (NCS) Division II
7) St. Francis, Mt. View (CCS) Division II
8) Monta Vista HS (CCS) Division I
9) Monte Vista HS (NCS) Division I
10) Henry M. Gunn HS (CCS) Division I

Boys Individuals
1) Chris Foster Los Gatos HS CCS Division II
2) Steven Sum Saratoga HS CCS Division III
3) Jackson Crose Livermore HS NCS Division II
4) Paul Zeiss Granite Bay HS SJS Division I
5) Trevor Reinhart Marin Academy NCS Division V
6) Sean Kurdy Jesuit HS SJS Division II
7) Drew Childs Bella Vista HS SJS Division I
8) Matt Schumann De La Salle HS NCS Division I
9) Colin Burke Bishop O'Dowd HS NCS Division III
10) Jose Pina Lincoln SJ HS CCS Division II

Girls Individuals
1) Fiona O'Keeffe Davis HS SJS Division I
2) Chloe Hansel Las Lomas HS NCS Division III
3) Megan McCandless Granada HS NCS Division II
4) Brooke Starn Monte Vista HS NCS Division I
5) Gillian Meeks Henry M. Gunn HS CCS Division I
6) Cate Ratliff Santa Cruz HS CCS Division IV
7) Caroline Gee Cupertino HS CCS Division I
8) Brighie Leach Campolindo HS NCS Division III
9) Kathryn Loken Del Campo HS SJS Division II
10) Toni Finnane Campolindo HS NCS Division III


Anonymous said...

For the boys, Sean Kurdy needs to move up and Andy Ehrenberg needs to be added. On the girls side, Brooke Starn needs to be on the list.

Anonymous said...

De La Salle needs to be added for the teams considering their performance from Clovis Invitational this past weekend.

Anonymous said...

You missed Cate Ratliff. She beat Caroline Gee by 18 seconds at Crystal.

Albert Caruana said...

Correct although Ratliff had someone push her which I believe resulted in the faster time. I will place her ahead of Gee for now but that could change later.

Anonymous said...

The Monte Vista boys team should be on here considering they beat Granada at Clovis

Anonymous said...

I second the De La Salle add. They have to be on this list somewhere. It's all close so I'm not sure whether Monte Vista should make the list, or if maybe Granada shouldn't, or if it is correct as it is. Likewise, Amador Valley's girls made a strong argument for themselves at Clovis. I wonder what the Arch Bishop Mitty girls have been up to. They were strong early on and deserved a spot on this list, but I haven't seen much since. Have they been laying low, just not running as well, or are they running fast and being ignored?

Anonymous said...

Didn't the girl that pushed Ratliff (Derry) also have a faster time at Crystal Springs than Gee? She's not on the list

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Mitty girls won first WCAL meet a couple of weeks ago, finishing ahead of St Francis MV (but St. Francis #1 was out). Mitty only ran 5 in the championship race at Crystal Invitational last weekend - #1 and #2 were out.

Anonymous said...

Watch for Morgan Coonfield. Now that she is finally recovering from walking pneumonia. Broke 18 min at Clovis just as fever broke.

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