Tuesday, February 25, 2014

1986 California State Track and Field Schedule

For you youngsters out there, here was the running event schedule for the 1986 CA State T & F Meet.  Thoughts comparing this schedule to the current one?

6:00 p.m. Girls' 100 Meter Low Hurdles
6:06 p.m. Girls' 3200 Meter Run
6:25 p.m. Girls' 400 Meter Relay
6:32 p.m. Boys' 400 Meter Relay
6:39 p.m. Girls' 800 Meter Run
6:47 p.m. Boys' 800 Meter Run
6:55 p.m. Girls' 100 Meter Dash
7:01 p.m. Boys' 100 Meter Dash
7:07 p.m. Boys' 110 Meter Hi Hurdles
7:13 p.m. Boys' 3200 Meter Run
7:29 p.m. Girls' 400 Meter Dash
7:36 p.m. Boys' 400 Meter Dash
7:43 p.m. Special Olympics Race
7:48 p.m. Special Olympics Race
7:53 p.m. Girls' 200 Meter Dash
7:59 p.m. Boys' 200 Meter Dash
8:05 p.m. Girls' 300 Meter Low Hurdles
8:12 p.m. Boys' 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles
8:19 p.m. Girls' 1600 Meter Run
8:30 p.m. Boys' 1600 Meter Run
8:40 p.m. Girls' 1600 Meter Relay
8:50 p.m. Boys' 1600 Meter Relay


Anonymous said...

As an athlete running multiple events, it would suck, but as a spectator, I would love it.

Albert Caruana said...

I remember my teammate used to triple at each dual meet running the 800, 3200 and 1600 in that order.

Peter Brewer said...

The new arrangement sorted out the order of event fairly well, but took away the possibility of the 400-800 double.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered why the boys and girls 3200m (2 mile in my day) were not consecutive events. Anyone know why that was the case? Same for the 100m and 110m hurdles. That is even more puzzling because you have to move the hurdles more times.

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