Monday, February 17, 2014

California High School Indoor Meet Live Results


Anonymous said...

Girls 2 mile results seem fishy:

1 Dorris, Haley - 10:21.52
2 Coscia, Kimberly - 10:22.13*
3 Dobson, Isabella Marie - 10:47.12*
4 Montano, Jonnie - 10:49.87*

Not to take anything away from those girls, as they're all excellent runners, but those times would be awfully fast for this time of year. Any chance they missed a lap?

Anonymous said...

That would be a Interesting question. Dorris best 3200m last year 10:54 and Coscia 3200m 11:02 in 2013, but ran 10:28 in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to seem skeptical, but that time would be the fastest 2 mile, and 2nd fastest 3200 run indoors in the country this year.

It would be a great result if accurate, and I'd love to be wrong. But it just doesn't feel likely.

Here's the link for's national rankings - fastest 2 mile indoors is 10:36, and fastest 3200 is 10:19 (Hannah DeBalsi - 2nd place at Footlocker nationals).

Anonymous said...

Yes a lap was missed by the top runners. My understanding is that some of the later runners did run the full 22 laps.

Anonymous said...

My daughter won the two mile as a senior, but the year before she was third and dropped down because they miscounted laps for a few of the lapped runners and placed them above runners who had finished all of the laps. It can be a little confusing for that race but maybe more officials counting the laps might help out a little.

Anonymous said...

So who is consider the wiinner? Person who completed all the laps or no winner?

Anonymous said...

The race officials did lose track of the laps run by all of the girls. Girls ran between 20-22 laps so the times are unofficial.

Albert Caruana said...

That is correct that an official got confused with the amount of laps remaining and the winning time would have been around 10:50.

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