Sunday, February 23, 2014

Womens 3000m - USA Indoor Track and Field Championships 2014

Controversial 3k race DQ from yesterday.  


Steve Palladino said...

Puleese - not DQ worthy.

Anonymous said...

Completely ridiculous. Alberto Salazar and Nike lost A LOT of respect yesterday. Alberto Salazar not only nearly got into a physical fight with Schumacher, having to be restrained, but also told Gabe Grunewald's (the rightful winner of the Women's 3000) husband to, "Get the f$$$ out of my face," after he kindly tried to talk to Salazar.

On top of that, Salazar got Andrew Bumbalough DQ'd in the Men's 3000m.

Every athlete there is pissed… Leer, Lomong, Lagat, Fleshman, all the women's 1500 runners walked off the track together holding hands in solidarity of Grunewald.

Salazar is ridiculous, and he has forever lost a fan. USATF and Nike are also even more ridiculous.

Coach Ozzie said...

I'm with Steve Palladino on this one.

Anonymous said...

A real protest would have been walking off the track and not racing. That would mean something.

I don't think Mary Cain's "protest" meant a thing.

I didn't even see contact. Can feet not get tangled? Also, what do they expect taking it out at 85 for the first 1k and not running 5 min pace through the first 2600?

I've seen bad DQs here in high school and bad decisions such as redo's but this has no place on the pro level. Salazar is a joke.

Anonymous said...

That DQ was B.S.

Anonymous said...

Wow! DQ'd for incidental contact; that on 8 views you still cannot see?

I had an athlete in sections pass the leader at the final 200, the athlete passed attempted a pass at the 100, had shoulder contact, completely cut her off causing a trip and stumble, and the official stood there and watched it all with no DQ. The stands were in an uproar.

And she is DQ'd for this???

Salazar is just another elitist.

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