Friday, February 07, 2014

Qualifying for California State Indoor Meet

Due to the recent wet weather (you all wanted rain!) and forecast for tomorrow (downpour!), the two Northern California meets taking place at Berkeley and UC Davis may be cancelled.  If you have not yet qualified for the California State Indoor Meet (February 17th in Fresno) and this was your last chance to qualify, you can email the Meet Director, Rich Benoy, at and let him know your marks that you have achieved in the past.  This is not a free pass into the meet as your marks will need to be competitive and approved by the meet director.  Of course, any questions, fire him an email and he can answer all your questions.

Here is all the information about qualifying:


Anonymous said...

on their twitter,
"Cal Track & Field ‏@Cal_Track 27m
All comers meet CANCELED due to weather conditions. Those looking to run the state indoor champs contact"
from Berkeley, CA

Anonymous said...

Davis was a go

Anonymous said...

Calling this a state meet is kind of weird, since many of the top athletes aren't competing and now with the rain outs, it's based on results from last year. It's really just an indoor meet!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 7:49

Like any State Meet you race who shows up. I can think of numerous seniors that have decided to go to Graduation instead of State. So all the best runners aren't always there either (granted in a much higher percentage). Indoor is much more popular outside of California and the warmer states so don't knock it. When you put on an event feel free to call it what you want, but the fact is there is a qualifier to the only indoor meet in CA. I'd say that counts as a State Championship to me, even if it is because it is the ONLY ONE!

Haters guna hate.

Anonymous said...

It's probably the ONLY indoor state championships to have their qualifiers rained out too.

Anonymous said...

Not hating. It's just weird. Good for those who make it and decide to go.

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