Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Central Coast Section Divisions for 2014 Season


Anonymous said...

Can someone please post how many schools from CCS (or all sections) for each division / gender get team qualifying spots for the State meet for 2014.

Or can someone please post the exact formula that goes into calculating how many qualifying spots each section / gender gets? I know it has to do with how many top 10 finishes the section/gender had in the past 4 years, but I don't know exactly how that converts to the number of qualifying spots the section/gender gets. Please advise.

Albert Caruana said...

This is very unofficial and not set in stone. It was computed by former Gunn HS coach Ernie Lee. There are lots of tie breakers and computations that will need to be double checked but for now, here you go.

DI boys - no change
DI girls - no change
DII boys - CS up one, NCS down one
DII girls - CCS down one, SDS up one
DIII boys - SJS down one, no one earns last spot
DIII girls - CCS up one, SDS down one
DIV boys - NCS down one, NS up one
DIV girls - CCS down one, SDS down one, CS up one, NS up one
DV boys - no change
DV girls - CCS down one, NCS up one

Anonymous said...

Woa! Our boys got into D4 by ONE kid! Gotta send that kid who left our school a thank you note! ;)
Coach Ibarra

Pierre Chan said...

I wouldn't thank that kid just yet Gus. Moving down to D4 might even make your road to State harder. the D4 boys teams appear to be at least good, if not deeper than the D3 teams. For the girls D4 is much, much deeper than D3 at the section level.

Anonymous said...

Well when Saint Ignatius moved to D2 the coaches came on here are cried how unfair it was. I bet there jumping for joy now! Haha!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Albert - very helpful. Can you give some insight on exactly how those numbers were calculated?

And @ 6:15 - no idea what you're talking about. First of all, I don't remember any coaches complaining about Saint Ignatius moving up. Why would they complain? If their enrollment put them in D2 last year, then there is nothing to complain about. And now the D2 coaches are jumping for joy that they moved back down to D3? How so? Neither the boys or girls St. Ignatius teams qualified for State in 2013, so why would anybody jump for joy that they moved down?

Anonymous said...

There's a useful thing on the Internet called google:

SI is happy because in D2 they are alsorans. In D3 they are the largest school and win it all.

Anonymous said...

I would take being in D4 any day even if we don't make state... why? If we are lucky enough to make state then at least we are racing the southern section schools that are more our size. For years we have been racing teams much larger than ours at state. I don't care much about CCS. Leveling the playing field at a divisional state meet is more important to us. That being said, our best placing at state ever was in D2 so whatever is handed our way we'll do our best!
Take a look at state results over the years and there isn't a huge difference between the top teams in D1 to D3 but there usually is a big drop to the D4 and D5 teams. Obviously the size of the D4 and D5 teams makes it much harder to field an elite state team that can compete with the very best at top...
I for one am very happy to finally play with kids in the playground our size whether we make state or not ;)
As long as we beat my buddy Coach Cornejo at Palma we are happy! JK!!
On another note, good to see St. Ignatius back in D3... we need some top teams at state in D3 to get some of those state bids back...
Coach Ibarra

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