Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Runner's Mind-Now in Burlingame and San Francisco

A Runner's Mind (ARM), the loveable, homey, warm, welcoming running specialty shop in Burlingame has branched out and we now have a second location in San Francisco! Nestled on Sacramento St. just blocks south of the Presidio and a block north of Laurel Village, A Runner's Mind SF is here to meet all your city running needs. Whether it's trail shoes to tackle the terrain just north in the Marin Headlands or light and supportive shoes to mix it up in Golden Gate Park or hydration/fuel products to get you to the finish lines of the San Francisco Originals races, we've got it all. We host weekly runs on Thursdays and Saturdays and have special nights about once a month where shoe companies come in and allow you to take some of their newest models for an extended test run. 

Our ARM team members have years of experience running in the bay area and we are always down to talk running or training with anyone that comes in. As runners ourselves, we know that having the right pair of shoes is vitally important and can be the difference you need to make training fun and exciting. Every time we fit someone for a new pair of shoes we offer a full gait analysis where we take the time to watch you walk and watch you run, just to make sure we find a pair of shoes right for your feet. To show our commitment to the high school runners in the bay area, we offer 10% off shoes to all athletes year round. Drop in sometime to try on some shoes or grab some new apparel or just to chill on the couch and hang out. Oh, and have you seen those snazzy neon ARM running shirts around town? Yeah, that's us. Check us out!

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