Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Arcadia school district won't reinstate fired cross-country coach James O'Brien


Anonymous said...

Very interesting though not surprising. Given the obscure reason the Trustees gave again in all probability the "locker paint" is not the primary reason. Most likely it will not publicly come out. Has to be awkward for O'Brien and principal to be at same school.
I for one wish him well and hope he is able to move on especially for the athletes sake.

We All Knew It said...

Is anyone really surprised. The odds of him coming back were 100 to 1. The odds of having an administration actually tell the truth and not screw the kids are 1,000,000 to 1. I wonder if the head football coach at DeLaSalle or Long Beach Poly would be fired for painting an X on broken lockers?

SummerCoach said...

The Carlmont job is open if O'Brien wants to come up.

Warrior Nation said...

The lesson here is you can't strong arm those at the top. You have to kiss @$$ to get to the top. Having a big ego will get you what you want to a certain degree but sooner or later you will rub a bigger dog the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

I still hold there has to be more to this than the locker painting. If so, it must be enough to take his coaching job. Note he is still teaching at the school. As an employer the admin cannot disclose all that may be involved. The Admins "going in different direction" comment seems to be the safe comment in a personnel matter.
If the admin is sued by him then it will all come out. My guess is he will continue his fight in the court of public opinion but will not sue.
Tough for him to go out of coaching this way. I imagine he will continue coaching kids off site and the new coach appears to have good relationship with him. I hope he does not encourage or take kids from the program. If he does those kids will lose their opportunity to create their high school athletic memories.
Coach Hunt

Coach Anonymous said...

@Warrior Nation

Well, he sorta came around with the @$$ smacking when he publicly apologized and indicated he would do anything, whatever the administration wanted.

The bottom line is his coaching philosophy does not fit their P.C. agenda; his program stole the limelight; and once school administrators made a decision, they will not change it. To do so is a tacit admission they were wrong in the first place; and we all know, school administrators are NEVER wrong.

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