Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NCS Division I Pre-Season Rankings (boys) by Coach Ozzie

NCS Division I pre-season rankings

Feel free to comment on the above rankings in the comment section below.  Anybody missing?  Surprise teams?  Any transfers?  

Lots of thanks to Coach Ozzie and all his hard work with the Division I rankings.


Andrew said...

Again, great work Ozzie. I wish I had the drive and the talent to write all this. I can do the research, but putting it all together in a marvelous write up are just not in my hands.

DLS with 5 in the top 10 potentially...yeah. That's gonna be pretty tough to beat. The rest pretty much follows what I gleaned from looking at XC and track too.

As for my team (Berkeley): "For whatever reason, for a school with as many students as they have, not many people come out for cross country, train, and get good."

That reason has yet to be discovered. We would love to find it. Your analysis was right on the money for us. We'll see where the season takes us. Good luck. Just a few more weeks till the season officially starts!

Christopher R.V. Puppione said...

Not a bad writing job...for a math teacher.

Coach Ozzie said...

Maybe, but my fonts and formatting probably wouldn't even make the grade in your PE class would they?

Anonymous said...

Lots of great returners in NCS - the most I have ever seen. Two raw talents to watch are Jason Intravia - his track season was a nice breakout but he ran some relay splits that were even more impressive than the times listed for open evens, and Connon McKinnon, who has mad speed and if he can put it together for three miles, could do what SRV's Kevin Griffen did 4 year back and claim an NCS podium spot.

It will all be fun to watch.

Andrew said...

Had no idea two of the most accomplished runners in NCS D1 were such "raw talents to watch." Both are seniors who have run for at least 2 years for their teams, I believe.

Andrew said...

Also doing some further research:

Matt Doerner of Irvington is going to be a senior according to his athletic.net page. It has his 2012 track season as a 10th grader.

Dougherty Valley is getting a freshman who ran 4:17 in the 1500.

Mattern said...

Great job Jason!

Coach Kyle said...

Ozzie to Pup - Zing

Anonymous said...

There are 5 div in NCS why is it that we have only touched on 1

Albert Caruana said...

Actually I, II, III and V. I will take care of IV in the next week or so.


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