Thursday, January 05, 2012

Scoring Well On and Off The Course-Lloyd Jones-Rocklin High School Athletes

There have been articles written on high school and college athletes who balance their success in sports with similar achievements academically, but it’s rare when it involves an entire team.

The top seven boys from the Rocklin High School cross country team put together some outstanding numbers this season. Although they did well at their meets, their most important scores came from the classroom.

Typically, the highest grade-point-average achieved in high school is a 4.0. However, some students also take advanced placement classes (college level courses.) When those grades are factored into a students GPA the number can go as high as 5.0.

The Thunder cross-country team’s four seniors – Ravi Sharma (5.0) Ryan McCormick (5.0) Ryan Jones (4.80), Alex Macchietto (4.40), junior Connor Hensley (4.66), and sophomores George Miao (4.57), and Ty Medd (4.66) are in that category. Their collective grade-point-average is an very respectable 4.73.

“Wow, I knew their school schedule was tough, and their grades were good, but I didn’t know they were that high,” said Rocklin cross-country coach Dan Pereira, “very impressive.”

All seven have tough classroom schedules to include advanced placement courses in calculus, physics, chemistry, literature and composition, and biology.

“These are exceptional young men who have a great sense of self-discipline, both on the track and in the classroom,” said principal David Bills. “Rocklin High School is proud of them.”

Although they didn’t make it to the state meet, their athletic season wasn’t anything to be ashamed about. The Thunder placed seventh out of 24 teams at the CIF Sac-Joaquin Sections Meet held in Folsom. Their average time was 17:28 running over the tough, hilly 5,000 meter Willow Hills course.

Pereira thought the team might place higher because of their outstanding achievements throughout the season, but he wasn’t disappointed with their performance.

“We are in a very competitive section with some of the top teams in state,” said Pereira. “I am very proud of them for what they have accomplished.”

And, too, were the boys. They ran well as a team, sometimes with the top five of them placing within a minute of each other. Cross country is scored by the total time it takes for a school’s top five runners to cross the finish line.

“We had a good time all year,” said team captain Jones. “We got along well. It was a good fit for all of us.”

Pereira said his club’s performance in academics, as well as athletics, is a reason this will be a team he’ll always remember. Although he will lose his seniors through graduation, he never had to worry about their academic eligibility. And, he has three scholar/athletes who should return next season.

“This group has a special place in my heart,” said Pereira of these seven young men, “and I will always remember their dedication to both their academics and athletics.”
Lloyd Jones


Anonymous said...

There is no way to earn a 5.0 GPA!!! That would mean that EVERY class you take is an Honors or AP class. That can't happen... there are no Honors or AP PE classes. There are some classes you take in high school that do not have an Honors or AP possibility... thus it is mathematically impossible to earn a 5.0! Quit inflating GPA's!

lloyd jones said...

The students that earned a 5 are taking all AP classes.

Anonymous said...

It's not possible to take ALL AP classes! There are certain classes that don't offer AP options... as I stated above!

lloyd jones said...

As a Senior, after you have taken all of the required courses, youn are able to choose certain classes. You don't have to take PE (example). Hope that helps..

Anonymous said...

You two are talking about two different things... "Anonymous" is talking about cumulative (or overall)GPA and "lloyd jones" is talking about a semester report card. If Rocklin is on the block schedule it is possible to take four AP classes in one semester (typically traditional schools do this over a year). But if you are talking cumulative GPA, then "Anonymous" is correct, it is mathematically impossible to get a 5.0 GPA.

lloyd jones said...

You are correct. I should have stated that is was for a Semester. Thank you.

ghpadd said...

Why aren't there two standards? High school class and college level courses. High school courses are a 4.0 and college courses are a 4.0; period. If it is a college course it should not be included in a high school GPA.

However, off of my soapbox on grading issues.

The Rocklin boys XC team has a lot to be proud of, including their academic achievements. The discussion on grades is not meant to slight the boys in any way. Regardless of how grades are added,averaged, manipulated....etc. These student athletes are simply awesome. My hat is off to them for all that they have achieved!!! Congratulations to the Boys, the coach(s), the teachers and the parents!!

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