Monday, January 02, 2012

3rd Annual Redwood Empire Eggnog Mile RESULTS - pictures/video to come?

1) Alex Wolf-Root: 5:25.7 *New Empire Record, old record 5:35.9
2) Epi Nunez: 5:27.9 *also betters previous Empire Record
3) Vojta Ripa: 5:41.3 *3rd fastest performer/4th performance in Empire History
4) Tyler Harwood: 5:59.9
5) Nick Specter: 6:02.8
6) Zekaryas Mebrahtu: 6:07.5
7) Luis Luna: 6:17.8
8) Spencer Hall: 6:30.9
9) Chloe Hall: 6:34.6 *New WORLD RECORD, old record 6:39.8
10) Brian Alvarado: 6:35.8
11) Daniel Hauptman: 6:43.3
12) Harrison Luft: 6:56.7
13) Adam Harwood: 7:22.9
14) Duncan Bradley: 7:28.8
15) Jake Luft: 7:33.2
16) Harrison Wistock: 7:33.6
17) Holmes Futrell: 7:45.8
18) James Nicolas: 8:20.0
19) Gus Murray: 8:25.1
20) Eli Rosen-Durran: 8:35.4
21) Josh Peck: 9:35.9


Anonymous said...

Please post how much and how frequent they had to drink the eggnog. Then these times are unbelievable. Stomach wrenching good.

Albert Caruana said...

I believe it's a cup before each lap including the first lap.

Alex Wolf-Root said...

Each lap started with a 12-ounce cup of eggnog. (The cup was 18 ounces, and each cup was filled quite a bit over 2/3rds full. Likely 13-15 ounces per chug, but better more than less.) There were 4 chugs before each lap.

As the track we started on didn't have a mile start line, we started right behind the relay exchange zone, so it was 1610 meters, instead of the 1609-point meters, for the full mile. No eggnog 1,600m for us!

I know there's a video out there, but it hasn't gotten to me yet. I'll do the best to email Albert when one comes up.

Crazy fact: Duncan Bradley, upon completion of the race, walked back to the table, and started leisurely drinking more eggnog. Gross.

Anonymous said...

looks like some piner runners competed as well this year

Anonymous said...

I know the Aptos High boys have been doing this for a while annually! Gross!

Alex Wolf-Root said...

Here are some pictures courtesy of David Hall:

Anonymous said...
link to egg nog mile in huntington indiana, winner went 5:24.high or 5:25.low, both times were shouted as he finished

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