Wednesday, January 25, 2012

League Entries to CCS 2012
CCS Time Schedule for semis and finals (draft)

Thanks to Hank Lawson and for the above information.


Runner Guy said...

Amazing how some leagues have to run faster to get out of league than it does to make the CCS Finals while others qualify with times that don't place in most JV dual meets.

While the CCS Auto time helps (but still means you have to run faster at league than what it will statistical take to make the CCS final) all too often league meets have poor weather conditions. Something needs to be done to make sure the best are represented.

Perhaps if you hit the "Auto" at an invitational three different times through the season you can advance? Or lower the qualifying time but introduce a minimum time qualifying, similar to invitationals.

Lets look at other larger sections like Nor Cal, etc. It seems to work for them. Seems like the system is built to have league representation more than the top athletes competing.

Albert Caruana said...

CCS used to have two more meets (North and South) leading up to the CCS Trials. This allowed more athletes to get the opportunity to compete at the section level. Unfortunately, there used to be a lot of scratches which led to what we have today with one Semi-Final meet leading up to the CCS Finals.

I am not sure how we can make the process better. I do wish more athletes were able to compete compared to what we have today. Any ideas out there how to make a better qualifying system?

Hank said...

I think you first have to change what the point of the CCS meet is intended for then you can talk about what to do to allow more athletes to compete at CCS. As I understand, CCS is mainly to choose the 3 athletes (or more if they hit the State At-Large) that are to qualify on for States, that's it. If we didn't have a State meet then the reason(s) for CCS would/could be alot different.


Ernest Lee said...

Not quite. The main point for CCS is as a sectional championship. That is why there are team scores and places are scored through six places. That's also why the qualifying is set up the way it is: representation from all the leagues plus an at-large mark that is "equivalent" to what it takes to be the last qualifier to the finals (thus, with a chance to score).

Albert Caruana said...

Take a look at the format for NCS.

From league, you have 3 area meets and one class meet. Those meets are qualifying meets to the NCS semi-finals and are scored meets that determine team champions for each respective meet. For a lot of athletes, those meets are the highlight of their season.

I think it's worth investigating to see if such a format would work for CCS. Perhaps 2 area meets and a class meet since CCS is a smaller section.

What about having the semis and finals the following Friday and Saturday to prepare the state qualifying athletes for state?


Warrior Nation said...

The automatic CCS qualifying times are certainly getting more difficult as the quality and depth of performances has improved dramatically. That is a good thing.

If the sole purpose was to decide the top 3 athletes to advance to the State Championship than a standard that athletes can hit within a qualifying window (similar to USATF and NCAA) is the best way to assure the best athletes are represented.

If it is to determine a section champion than the current system is sufficient, but could use some tweaking. The strength of a league fluctuates from year to year so giving additional entries to CCS (similar to what football has done) is not the answer. Every year school's have to leave home athletes who have potential to qualify for the finals and score for their team. One simple fix is to change the way the auto-standard is calculated (i.e. median place at Semi-Finals or from league automatic entries). Another is to implement a qualifying standard as mentioned above.

I am reminded of just a few years ago when 8 runners hit the CCS automatic qualifying time in the 200 meters at the WCAL trials but only 7 advanced to the league finals due to limited lanes. In that same year one of my runners in finished 4th in league in the 800 meters running 1:58.37 and failed to advance, a time that is statistically not good enough. But one could argue was good enough to compete for a top 3 position, or at least score points in deciding team standings. Perhaps this isn't "fair" but we were well aware of what we had to do to advance and went after it.

As a coach in a league with amazing talent and depth we approach league finals knowing that to advance you will need to run a time that is worthy of qualifying for the CCS Finals. That’s just the way it is.

-Coach Small

Rob Collins said...

Josh How do you Think I feel! We Just to be On that day along with the rest of the League to qualify, based off automatic timing!

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