Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 State Track and Field Championships At-Large Standards

Boys Girls
100 10.66 11.88
200 21.60 24.54
400 48.65 55.99
800 1:53.32 2:13.62
1600 4:15.79 4:58.86
3200 9:08.89 10:42.57
110/100H 14.40 14.31
300H 38.32 43.75
4x100R 41.90 47.48
4X400R 3:18.44 3:51.77
High Jump 6-05.00 5-05.00
Pole Vault 15-03.00 11-08.00
Long Jump 22-05.00 18-02.00
Triple Jump 46-06.00 38-07.00
Shot Put 55-01.00 41-05.00
Discus 168-11.00 135-11.0

Toughest standard for next season?


Anonymous said...

800 and 3200 are going to be killer, as well as the 100.

Ozzie said...

In general, I pay little attention to the state at-large mark because for the most part, here in Northern CA, they are irrelevent. By that I mean,how many athletes in all of NorCal hit an at-large mark, that did not qualify by being in the top whatever is necessary to qualify out of there section? Rather than asking the question about what is the hardest at-large mark to hit (It is the boys' 100m in my opinion), let's talk about which event is deep enough and in which section, that someone might actually use an at-large mark to get to state. In other words, which event is deep enough and in which section that someone might qualify by virtue of hitting that mark from outside of the automatic qualifying places.

Anonymous said...

Man can and will hit the mark but at State in the competitive field. Very hard to hit at the section meet with only 1-2 runners that can hit it.

Which is why I'd like to see a Nor Cal / So Cal Meet. 32 entries... 18 for the south, 14 for the north. Still keep at large times for the insanely fast years I guess.

hank said...

Tried the NorCal/SoCal meet in the mid-80's for two years, didn't work. Just added another week to the post-season.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that long and tripple jump are the only events in which the "at large" standards might come into play for NorCal.

Anonymous said...

Same for the Section Standards. To be honest I think there should be a rule that if you hit the Standard three times in the "pre-season" it should count toward you advancing.

Think about it, how many times is the two mile run at 3 pm at the league meet in crazy hot conditions. Or nasty wind. If the kid can run it three times they clearly prove they deserve to be there.

Should be for Section and States.

I think we would see a lot more great meets in the season rather than just State. Kind of like Stanford Invite for college, Arcadia for HS... we need more great meets with solid competition.

What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

PS. I think the 5k at the State and section level is needed as well. Ditch the 2 mile, its old and out dated. They run 8-10 5k's a year in cross 2-3 in track wont kill them.

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