Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here are the area all-league boys cross country teams (SJS)


MV Elk said...

Albert, why any time something is said about Campolindo and Chick's army you delete it and shut down the thread but then you leave up the diss on others.

And Colorado has done better this year but they do not have the education credentials that Stanford does. They have 14 kids whereas Stanford has 60. And the academic stress these kids go through has to take a toll on their running. Colorado isn't even close academically.

Albert Caruana said...

I have shut threads down when they started getting personal and if there was no positive to be gained by keeping them open.

John said...

I'm guessing this thread will be shut down soon too.

MV Elk - Other than the finger pointing, you have hit the nail on the head on one thing. Stanford probably has a full track/XC program (sprints, distance, field) so has to spread the $$ around to more athletes. Programs like Colorado or Oklahoma State are distance focused so if they fully fund can spread more $$ across less athletes.

Plus girls athletes have more scholarship opportunities than boys at D1 programs. A fully funded D1 women's track/xc program has 20 scholarships. A D1 men's track/xc program has 12.6 scholarships.

Anonymous said...

D1 women have 18 scholarships actually.

And speaking as a Stanford graduate, I can definitely tell you that the academic stress is not that bad and there is a lot of grade inflation (it is VERY hard to fail out).

Unfortunately, ever since the Lananna/Tegen/Evans days, Stanford has definitely been under performing given what they have.

John said...

I could be wrong but I read somewhere the number of women's scholarships was increased to 20 this year.

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