Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 All NorCal Spreadsheets

Check out the link below for lists courtesy of George Paddeck that include the section and state meet times for all the top NorCal runners in each section (NS, SJS, NCS, CCS, SF and OAK).  This will give you a better idea who are the leading contenders for the All NorCal XC team.  If you see anybody that is missing, please add their credentials in the comment section below.  One omission is listed below.  Any others?
2011 All NorCal Spreadsheets

Carter Mackey  (Castro Valley)  
NCS D-I finals  (Hayward High)  29th  16:23

other marks:
HAAL finals (Hayward High)  8th 16:19
Mt. Sac Race 56 (D-I) 17th 16:43
Castro Valley Invite BFS (2.1m) 1st 12:10
Artichoke BV Large Schools (2.3m) 34th 13:17
Ed Sias BFrosh (2.0m) 1st 11:34


Anonymous said...

Interesting, but not enough data. Need to factor in other major races throughout the season.

ghpadd said...

I wholeheartedly agree that there is a lot more data that can/should be factored in. However, backtracking from the end of the season is simply easier than making determination of who to watch from the beginning of the season. Additionally, tracking all teams/runners in all races throughout the year for 6 sections would require someone to develop a very large and searchable database. Any volunteers?

This listing was created to document the end of the State Competition year, to give names to the top runners in each Section. It is difficult enough to track the runners of one section, let alone 6. Hopefully you now have names of top runners in other sections you can review to see how their season went, especially in meets that other top section runners may of participated in. After all, how many of you even considered the efforts of the SF and Oakland Section Runners? How about the North Section...and Yreka?

Albert Caruana said...

Good points George.

Here is the link to all the CCS data as compiled by Walt Van Zant:

bukminster said...

Strongly feel that final rankings should be based upon performance at the State (or FootLocker) meets -- these runners train to peak at the tail end of the season for a reason.

Anonymous said...

in the NCS spreadsheet Andrew Melendez is listed twice, the second Andrew Melendez (Tamalpais) is actually Andrew Henn.

Anonymous said...

considering several athletes were banged up, sick, or simply had an off day at states you have to factor in other big meets (sections,clovis,Mt sac, stanford, etc for the overall best

Anonymous said...

People should facter in the differant section courses. I know a couple of them make the times look a lot slower.

Anonymous said...

it still amazes me how we have this conversation every year of selecting the all norcal team.

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