Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dyestat's 2011 Track and XC stories of the year

So what were the stories of the year for Northern California track and xc?

Here is a list of accomplishments that took place in 2011:

Nikki Hiltz Aptos HS 1600m. 4:43.43 (3rd place CA state meet)
Allison Sturges Mt. View HS 1600m. 4:47.65 (5th place CA state meet)
Chris Waschura Woodside HS 1600m. 4:08.29 (5th place CA state meet)
Sarah Griffith San Ramon Valley HS 400. 55.91 (7th place CA state meet)
Trinity Wilson St. Mary's Berkeley HS 100m. Hurdles 13.41 (CA state champion)
Cole Williams Urban HS 800m. 1:50.95 (5th place CA state meet)
Kenny Grimble Las Lomas HS 300m. Hurdles 37.78 (2nd place CA state meet)
Carrie Verdon Campolindo HS 3200m. 10:22.50 (3rd place CA state meet)
Trevor Halsted Davis HS 3200m. 8:51.96 (3rd place CA state meet)
Luis Luna Piner HS 3200m. 8:55.43 (6th place CA state meet)
Chris Kigar El Camino HS 3200m. 8:59.22 (10th place CA state meet)
Kevin Bishop Monta Vista HS 8:59.82 (12th place CA state meet)
Ciarra Brewer James Logan HS Triple Jump 41'11.0 (CA state champion)
Cydney Leath Mount Pleasant HS Triple Jump 39'11.75 (2nd place CA state meet)
Sasha Wallace Holy Names HS Triple Jump 39'9.5 (4th place CA state meet)
Shanique Walker Mount Pleasant HS Triple Jump 39'2.25" (5th place CA state meet)
Samantha Sinclair Mt. View HS Shot Put 41'1.5" (5th place CA state meet)
Brianna French Vacaville HS Shot Put 40'08.0 (7th Place CA state meet)
Noel Frasier California HS High Jump 6'9" (2nd place CA state meet)
Ian Rock Davis HS Pole Vault 16'2" (CA state champion)/Long Jump 22'1.75 (5th place)
Keremiah Crockett Dublin HS Triple Jump 49'1.75" (2nd place CA state meet)
Stephen Boals Jesuit HS Shot Put 57'10" (5th place CA state meet)/Discus 169'7"(6th place)
Mount Pleasant HS girls' track and field team 3rd place CA state meet
Davis HS boys' track and field team 7th place CA state meet

Vanessa Fraser Scotts Valley HS Div. IV CA state champion
Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley HS Footlocker Nationals qualifier
Julia Maxwell Branson HS Div. V CA state champion
Bridget Blum University HS Div. V 2nd place CA state meet
Kat Gregory Priory School Div. V. 3rd place CA state meet 
John Lawson Sir Francis Drake HS Div. IV CA state champion
Connor Clark University HS Div. V 2nd place CA state meet
John Whelan Etna HS Div V. Stanford Invitational winner
Nick Ratto St. Joseph Notre Dame HS Div. V 3rd place CA state meet
Sarah Robinson Gunn HS Div. I 3rd place CA state meet/Footlocker Nationals qualifier
Jena Pianin Amador Valley HS Div. I 5th place CA state meet
Aubrey Myjer Mt. View HS Div. II 3rd place CA state meet
Parker Deuel San Ramon Valley HS Div. II 5th place CA state meet
Carrie Verdon Campolindo HS Div. III CA state champion/16:59 Stanford Invitational
Karlie Garcia Oakmont HS Div. III 2nd place CA state meet/5th place Footlocker Nationals
Madeleine Ankhelyi Vista del Lago HS Div. III 3rd place CA state meet
Nikki Hiltz Aptos HS Div. III 5th place CA state meet
Thomas Joyce Campolindo HS Div. III 3rd place CA state meet
Luis Luna Piner HS Div. III 5th place CA state meet
Yohaness Estifanos Milpitas HS 14:59 Crystal Springs course
University HS girls Div. V state champions
Yreka HS boys Div. IV state champions

Who am I missing?

From all the accomplishments listed above, what is the most outstanding of them all?  What about a top 10 list?  Can you rank the top 10 achievements from 2011 in track and field and cross country from 10 to 1?  Feel free to share in the comment section below.


Anonymous said...

definitively trevor halsted at the statement. he ran a ridiciously good race were he risked it all and kicked at 800 and held on for 3rd. he beat the best in cali; moussa,piner,fahy,

Anonymous said...

What about cross country team accomplishments like University girls or Yreka boys winning state titles?

Albert Caruana said...

You are absolutely right. They are added to the list.

Anonymous said...

gabe arias d5 ncs record

Andrew said...

Trinity Wilson's 100H races were amazing - not just her CIF sanctioned races, but her performance after the state meet as well. World leader and champion is something not many can claim.

Hiltz's 1600, Cole Williams's 800, Halsted's 3200, Verdon's 3200, Grimble in the 300H, and Sarah Robinson's rapid ascension to the top are in the discussion as well. Also, the overall talent of NorCal has risen, even in comparison to the lower half of our state. It was seen in XC and all fields of track in which NorCal has had some superb performances throughout all divisions.

Pam Borg said...

John Whelan of Etna High school winning the Stanford Invite with the fastest time of the day.Top 10 at State.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andrew, the overall talent has risen in Norcal, which has created a lot of good races and outstanding performances

Anonymous said...

Hiltz's and Sturges 1600m performances in State Meet. Very impressive 4:43 and 4:47. I can't wait to see the showdown in CCS finals this year

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