Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Magic of Maywood Park

If you haven't read this already, check out the following article from Running Times detailing the only school (Hammond High School) to field 3 (Rudy Chapa, Tim Keough and Carey Pinkowski) sub 9:00 2 milers during the same season:


Kevin said...

Eh, what an average cross country team they would make.

greg brock said...

They did not win the State Meet that year showing the team aspect of cross country. Greg Brock

Peter Brewer said...

Interesting that their coach only lasted 4 years -- intensity has a price. And of course it was the other sports at the school, and the uphill battle just for recognition that seems to have ultimately caused him to move on.

In a classic case of "you'd think," a highly successful coach kickstarting a program literally from scratch gets niggled at from jealous fellow coaches instead of applauded for being good at what he's paid to do.

Kudos also for insisting on mileage as the basis for strength.

Peter Brewer
Northgate High

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