Saturday, August 06, 2011

CCS All-Time Best Marks List, All Conditions

Thanks to Hank Lawson and as posted at

For the NCS list, check out the following thanks to Keith Conning (through 2010 season):

Are there similar type lists for SJS?  NS?  SF?  OAK?


Anonymous said...

Interesting - Despite recent improvements in sports technology and science over 70% of the ncs boy distance records were achieved 30 to 40 years ago. In the past decade only Erik Olson and Yosef Ghebray were able to break into the top 10 for the 800/1600/3200. The 70's really were a golden period for distance running.

Albert Caruana said...

A lot of that is attributed to the high mileage. Any other thoughts on the reason for the fast times?

Anonymous said...

I think Cole Williams also broke into the top 10 this year.

Albert Caruana said...

From Keith Conning:

"I don't update my list until I get High School Track 2012 from Jack Shepard sometime in December. I accept marks thru August 31, 2011."

Anonymous said...

We worked hard day in and day out. 80 miles per week was the norm for varsity high school-ers (yes we had slackers back then too). We would do 25 x 400 @ 2 mile pace with a 200 jog in under 50 seconds following a 10 mile run in the morning. We worked the mileage and the quality. There was no debate if it was quality vs. quantity, it was both. If you want to know what it was like I think "once a runner" captures it well.

Another thing... no video games, no distractions, lots of places to ride bikes and run all day without the worry of being kidnapped. There was no club volleyball or club soccer. No lacrosse or rugby or any of this. You ran or played football in the fall. You ran, swam or played baseball in the spring. It is what you did.

Now the athletic population is diluted and specialized and very few are willing to train like they did in the 70's. Its time to push mileage and quality, make men of these boys! Running 5-6 races a year is not going to do it. These are young animals. Learn to harness the burning desire within and race with passion. Race to race, not to train; don't be afraid to test yourself and go to the well. Don't be afraid to lose.

Joe Vigil once said that distance running is a 365 day job, no down time. How true that is!

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