Thursday, December 16, 2010


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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Present: Jim Tracy (BCL-West); Eddie Salazar (EBAL); Peter Brewer (DVAL); Doyle O’Regan (BSAL); Manny Myers (DFAL); Keith Conning (At-large); Chris Puppione (At-large); Bri Niemi (NCS Staff).

Absent: Jason Jacobsen (MCAL); Steve Gregg (BCL-East); Chuck Woolridge (DFAL); John Luppes (USATF); Albert Caruana (At-large).

Niemi presented the group with the divisions for 2011. Jim Tracy reported that the SF University boys would move back down to Division V, as they had not placed first in Division IV. Niemi also noted that Dougherty Valley moved up to Division II, as it had grown more than 15% in enrollment in the past year. All other schools remained the same for 2011 (the final year of the alignment cycle).

a. Despite the weather, 2010 was one of the better championships in the past few years.
b. Wood chips should be placed at the top of the hill in inclement weather.
c. NCS would ask leagues to send in their league results to be posted on the NCS website.
d. Course monitors should be on a separate channel.
e. As always, the places where the course crossed caused the most concern. Monitors did very well in keeping spectators off the course.
f. Manpower at the chute in the afternoon was lagging.
g. Keith and Tom will both need microphones next year.
h. NCS would look into improving the sound at the course so that spectators could hear better, outside of the finish area.

The financial summary for the 2010 championship was reviewed. Niemi reported that when all the expenses had been accounted for, the net gain would be about 11,000. Gate admission was down approximately $2000 because of the weather, but entry fees were up slightly over 2009.

The group discussed moving to chip timing at the 2011 NCS championship. Niemi was to follow-up with Sean Laughlin of Record Timing to see if he would be available for next year’s event and what his group could provide in terms of the chip timing system, bibs and the entry process. Niemi would report back to the group, but the general consensus was that chip timing would be used in 2011.

The group also discussed additions to the management committee, including Angela Paradise from Alhambra, as well as a USATF official to take the place of John Luppes, who was retiring from the committee.

The 2011 NCS/Les Schwab Tires Cross Country Championships were to be held at Hayward H.S., pending approval from the administration.


Anonymous said...

Oh NOW they decide to put wood chips at the top of the hill....

Albert Caruana said...

Well has this been suggested before? Has this been an issue before?

This is what happens at an evaluation meeting. You figure out what went well and what didn't and you correct for next year.

Anonymous said...

I know bre, I'm just playin.

Marv said...

The race also needs a lead cyclist with a whistle to take the leaders thru the asphalt section that is lined with spectators.The whistle would alert the spectators to stay off the course.The cyclist would veer off as the leaders head onto the grass and rejoin them as they circle back to the asphalt.Great that NCS is staying at Hayward.This should become the permanent site as the Hayward HS volunteers have done such a great job and there is so much history with the course.

Albert Caruana said...

Any other suggestions for the NCS MOC meet at Hayward for next year?

Anonymous said...

official race video? maybe something like they did at the state meet.

Anonymous said...

Love to see a photo-op area to the side of the gym where awards are given out. Just a simple backdrop on the wall with a CIF/NCS/Les Schwab logo and a couple of lights would be great. That would clear the area in front of the bleachers sooner and let people take some quality team and individual photos.

Anonymous said...

Flags (like Stanford Inv) in the tight spots or crowded areas.

Shame no spectators are allowed on the course, could you imagine if there was a part of a football field people were not allowed to see?

If you want to promote the sport and make it better follow the European courses and do a 2k loop so everyone can see the race. Or better yet 2 laps of 2.5k. And if possible stay off the pavement, it is a pet peeve of mine in an XC race.

Why can't NCS be at a true park every year like other sections? Golden Gate Park would be great! Spring Lake in Santa Rosa. Parking can't be the whole issue here, look at Crystal Springs. NO parking what-so-ever.

Anonymous said...

fix the potholes so no one turns or breaks an ankle...I know it's an HUSD issue and they have no money like most other school districts. But it would be nice.

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