Saturday, July 24, 2010

Northern Section Pre-Season Rankings '10...

Thanks to Scott Fairley (West Valley HS) and Jim Deaver (Enterprise) for their help with the following rankings:

Domenic D'Acquisto (12) - Enterprise
Daniel Johnson (10) University Prep
Ryan Teesdale (12) Foothill
John Collins (11) Enterprise
Austin Lampkin (12) Enterprise


Tiffanie Heflin (12) - Lassen
Hannah Dorman (10) West Valley
Kody Atkins (11) - Chico
Corissa Storms (11) - West Valley
Lora James (12) Shasta


Who is missing from the above lists?  Anybody needs to move up?  Any fast incoming freshmen?

Please give your choices for top teams in Northern California (boys and girls). Once I get enough feedback from everybody, I will post the pre-season Northern California list.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if he breaks into your top 5 or not but Luis Luna, 11, Piner must be near them.

2009 XC
11th STATE III, 2nd NCS, 3rd NBL

2010 track 3200
3rd NCS/MOC 9:16.19
25th STATE 9:33.61

Jim Crowhurst

Anonymous said...

Luna runs for Piner HIgh, which competes in the NCS. I think these rankings are for the Northern Section, which is a different section from the NCS.

Albert Caruana said...


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