Monday, July 05, 2010

CCS Top 10 Individuals (Boys and Girls)

10)  Ethan Scardina Carlmont          Senior
9)  Aubrey Myjer    Mountain View Junior
8)  Kyle Feuerhelm Woodside         Senior
7)  Tony Ferrari      Bellarmine         Senior
6)  Richard Ho        Leland              Sophomore
5)  Max Bell            Salinas              Senior
4)  Kyle Rae           Bellarmine         Senior
3)  Kevin Bishop     Monta Vista      Junior
2)  Will Geiken        Los Gatos         Senior
1)  Parker Schuh     Mountain View  Senior

10)  Katie Castro      Los Gatos          Senior

10)  Megan Shearer  Carlmont            Junior
9)  Corin Soelberg    Carlmont            Sophomore
8)  Danielle Katz      Los Gatos           Sophomore
7)  Rachel Hinds      St. Ignatius          Senior
6)  Athena Alarcon  Gilroy                  Junior
5)  Lauren Croshaw Aragon               Junior
4)  Erin Robinson     Gunn                  Senior
3)  Nina Anderson   Notre Dame S    Junior
2)  Allison Sturges   Mountain View   Junior
1)  Jessie Petersen   Carlmont            Senior

Feel free to comment on above list.  Did I miss anybody?  Should anybody be dropped/raised?  If you would like to post your own list...go for it.


Evan Smith said...

A very solid list for both boys and girls. If you were to go 12 deep on the boys side, I would add Plazola of Willow Glen (4:24/9:30 this spring) and Crook of Mountain View (9:35 this spring ... only 2 guys on the list ran faster). For the girls, Garcia of Evergreen Valley (5:12/11:16) would be the next girl to add, in my opinion.

Kevin Liao said...

I doubt any of the Carlmont athletes will actually be competing for the school. Just based on what happened last season.

Albert Caruana said...

Anonymous posts will no longer be allowed on this blog.

Evan Smith said...

Thank you Albert!!! That is a fantastic decision! Kevin, we won't really know until September, but I keep hearing that Carlmont will be back to full force this fall.

Albert Caruana said...

The 15th fastest time at the Crystal Springs course last year Kevin Bishop's 15:30.

Out of those 15 individuals only 3 return this year (Parker Schuh, Will Geiken and Bishop).

Here are all the graduates:
Paul Summers 14:41
Garrett Rowe 14:52
Weston Strum 14:58
Mitch Moriarity 15:00
Ian Myjer 15:03
Philip MacQuitty 15:03
Luca Signore 15:06
David Perez 15:14
Ben Heck 15:26
Nathan Lee 15:27
Dalton Guthrie 15:28
Bruk Assefa 15:29

That's a lot of talent no longer representing CCS this year. Time for some new blood to step up.

Anonymous said...

No McCabe?

Albert Caruana said...

Not at the moment.

John J. said...

I feel Bryan Crook of Mountain View has been snubbed far too often on many of these top runners lists for NorCal. He was left off of Honorable Mention in some CCS rankings after last fall and he is still far too underrated by many ranking sites. His times are too solid and too good to be left off any list ranking top runners in the CCS.

Anonymous said...

Who? Tell us about him? Does he run track? What has he done to earn a top 10 ranking in cross?

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