Sunday, July 13, 2008

SJS Pre-Season XC Rankings

The following is by El Camino HS Cross Country coach Jason Jimenez.
Feel free to comment or add your thoughts in the comment box below.

I took the top teams with the top 5 returning runners from
Sections. If a team did not have a top 5 returning, I used JV times.
If they had no JV times, I used frosh/soph times for frosh/soph boys
who I think might be able to be a top 5 runner for their team. This
was easy because a lot of the best frosh/soph runners had run the 5k
course before so I could get an idea of what each team's top 5 would
end up being.

Obviously, we don't know about the surprises and my
rankings do leave out teams who could not field 5 runners. And some of
these teams will likely be a factor later in the year (see Woodcreek
D2, for example). Some ones I'm not sure about are Granite Bay (Walt
Lange from Jesuit says they will be good so...) and El Camino - who
might be moving up to Division 2. Ok here they are...

Boys D1-3
**Woodcreek, Fairfield and Grace Davis seem to be out of contention at
this point in the season but who knows what can happen this summer.

(Overall Rank/School/Predicted Returning Section Team Time)
1 Davis 85:16
5 Modesto 89:01
7 Kennedy 89:29
11 Sheldon 91:47

2 Oak Ridge 86:30
3 Jesuit 86:46
4 Del Campo 88:31
6 Pleasant Grove 89:01
9 Rocklin 90:07
10 Ponderosa 90:50
12 Granite Bay 91:56

8 El Camino 89:37
13 Del Oro 92:42
14 Placer 93:20
15 Union Mine 93:41

Jason Jimenez
El Camino High School
Head Coach Cross Country and Track and Field


Anonymous said...

Great job with the rankings. When do you think you will post the NCS DIII rankings? And what about indivual rankings. Who do you think is the best in the NCS?

Albert Caruana said...

Well Div. III is next and I will try to post those by the end of this coming week.

I will also have the top 10 individuals in NCS (boys and girls) posted once the team rankings are done.

Anonymous said...

would it be worth it to rank NCS Div.IV and Div. V too [individual and team wise], though there are barely any of those mind-blowing runners in those divisions (at least none that most of us know of)

Anonymous said...

Take it from a former Div. V runner the competition is just as hard and just because we do not have a bunch of "fast" runners does not mean we should be slighted.

Anonymous said...

Thats very true. Everyone out there is working just like everyone else. Just because some may not have as fast of a pr as someone else or because they are in a smaller division, dosnt mean they dont deserve a ranking or mention.

Anonymous said...

Div 4 and 5 do deserved to be ranked obviously. We are not trying to slight anyone. But as competitive as one might think these divisions are, when you considered them at their section levels, they do not often compare to the upper divisions (usually 1-2-3).

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