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NCS Pre-Season Division I Rankings '08

By Castro Valley Coach Peter Brewer.
2008 North Coast Section
Cross --CC-> Rankings
Division I

Marks in parantheses are ordered thusly: for cross country, the 1st time is the 2007 NCS-MOC Hayward HS time, and the 2nd is the 2007 State Meet Woodward Park time. For track times, they are the 2008 season PR’s as reported on the EPI database and are listed 800/1600/3200. If faster track times exist for the runners, they did not show up on the database, which combs the web.

1. Castro Valley brings ‘em all back
2. College Park so do the Falcons
3. Granada they’'re all returning too
4. California good up front power
5. Monte Vista good track season bodes well

Castro Valley narrowly edged College Park last year for the top spot, and both squads return intact. As with all season, it is the small variables that seem to be the largest influences. Health, summer running, soccer camps ... it all factors into how the teams enter the season and how they show up at the end.

Castro Valley leads off with the trio of sophomore Kelsey Santisteban (18:47/19:14; 2:22/5:05/11:17), and juniors Chelsea Schneider (18:46/19:35; 2:15.95) and Pam MacLeod (18:49/19:19). The rest of team comes back, and the Trojans are looking to add newcomers senior Ayla Granados (2:21.75) and sophomore Marisa Matines (5:37/12:14) to the mix. Track discovery Elise Wummer (2:24.0/5:10.98/11:38.62) is opting for the musical this fall.

College Park have talented junior Alycia Cridenbring (17:55/18:29; 2:24.87/5:01.76/11:41.3) at the forefront. She is ably backed up by seniors Lauren Crawford (19:17/19:34; 5:15.34/11:25.00) and Rosie Smith (19:07/19:49; 5:17.65/11:32.75).

Granada also comes back with its entire team. The top runner for the Matadors is junior Lara Jansen (19:07/19:54; 2:28.08/5:47.23/12:03.88). Her main support comes from seniors Hayley Swanson (19:18; 5:26.59/12:04.41) and Emily Paddock (19:30; 2:23.45).

California boasts returning NCS individual champ junior Colleen Lillig (17:54/19:14; 5:17.61/11:42.17) to do the frontrunning chores for the Grizzlies. Senior Holly Babcock (19:30; 2:26.25/5:18.27/12:47.27) is an excellent runner. Sophomore Elaine McVay (20:13; 5:27/11:29.46) adds to the front.

Monte Vista returns several girls from last year’s 4th place NCS team. The top returnee for the Mustangs is junior Nicole Aha (19:31; 2:32.66/5:24.48/11:41.12) and judging by the track marks, will have a large supporting cast this fall.

Other individual runners of note include Newark Memorial’s junior Rachel Borg (19:01/20:09; 5:27.50/12:02.73) and junior Jamira Cox of Deer Valley (19:22; 2:18.72).

1. Amador Valley state meet teambrings back 5 of 6
2. Granada youngsters are all back and older
3. Deer Valley solid 5 coming back
4. College Park returns #’s 2-5; can they regroup?
5. Castro Valley youth movement -- 5 sophs on var

Amador Valley appears to hold all the cards here. A real good returning group posted some very good track times as well. Junior Kellen Cole (15:57/16:39; 4:27.49/9:55.54) is the apparent top runner, but will be pushed by senior teammates Garrett Ward (16:00/16:40; 4:44.09/9:54.87) and MIke Marlin (15:58/16:43; 4:23.45/10:05).

Granada will be chasing the Dons all year in the EBAL. The Matadors have all top 5 coming back, led by junior Alex Summers (15:43; 4:31.34/9:30.65). He is joined by seniors Drew Callen (15:50; 2:05.17/4:31.34/9:59.77) and Nate Smauley (15:56; 4:32.17).

Deer Valley brings back to the fold their 2-3-4-5 runners. The Wolverines have the upfront tandem of junior Nathan Baker (16:13; 4:34.98/9:58.75) and senior Ryan DeVito (16:23; 1:57.36/4:34.06)

College Park is always a presence, and looks to continue that trend with a strong returning contingent. Senior Brian Cameron (16:04; 4:32.23/10:02.23) will be pushed by sophomore Jeff Bickert (4:40.82/9:58.88).

Castro Valley leads off with veteran junior Tom Ashby (16:13; 10:23.27/35:35 10K) and will be backed up by a horde of sophomores including Ben Eversole (16:16; 2:04.5/4:34.07/9:53.95) and Anthony Martore (17:02; 4:41.06).

An individual runner to watch is state veteran junior Danny Thomas of Arroyo (15:38/16:15). Injuries curtailed his track season, but when healthy he is a force. (Editor's note: Arroyo will be in Division II this coming season).

Thank you very much Peter. NCS and CCS Division II rankings will be coming up next. Feel free to comment on the above rankings in the comment section below.


Anonymous said...

glad to see that you saw the reason in my logic.

Anonymous said...

What about Monte Vista's boys?

Albert Caruana said...

Regarding the Monte Vista boys, do you think they should be in the top 5? If so, why?

Anonymous said...

Monte Vista does have a lot of depth on their JV sqauds...they have two returning from their NCS Championship team, #2 and #7...They will be competitive this year but I dont think this will be their year. If their JV runners continue to put in the work they could be a force to be reckoned with in the 2009 CC Season...

Albert Caruana said...

Last year, I had Monte Vista as honorable mention before the season started and that worked out pretty well for them.

I have no doubt that MV will still be competitive this coming year but we'll have to see if they belong in the top 5 once the season starts.

Division I was unbelievably deep last year and it's a shame only 2 teams were able to make the state meet.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention Watt Landrum of Liberty High School. He ran 15:09 at Hayward and 15:47 at woodward. And lets not forget his steller proformance at NCS MOC where he out kicked Matt Duffy to win the 3200m title in 9:11.0. He has been awusome in the post season in track and XC the last couple of seasons. He has a shot at landing on the medal stand in Fresno come November. He will certainly be one to watch out for.

Albert Caruana said...

Wyatt Landrum and Liberty will be in Division II this year.

Anonymous said...

Monte vista's girls team is getting a new freshman who's one of the fastest in CA, and has a time of 5:02 for 1500. that is a huge boost for MV girls.

Anonymous said...

Monte Vista will be young this year, but I think after a couple of meets (We peak late, as you might have noticed), we'll be back in the top 5, if not the top 3 with fellow league teams Amador and Granada.

Also, watch out for Roderick.

Albert Caruana said...

I think Division I should be very competitive once again this year. Hopefully they can get 3 entries into the state meet sometime soon.

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