Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NCS Pre-Season Division IV Rankings by Matt Duffy

The North Coast Section traditionally has a strong presence statewide in division four, and this year should be no exception. In 2007 Saint Mary’s of Berkeley won their second consecutive NCS title and this year they look to be the favorites for a third. However, when the CBEDs rolled out there was one change that should make the Panther’s nervous, and it was that Tamalpias HS has dropped from division three to four. However there seems to be an apparent lack of a number five runner for Tam which could cause major problems come championship season. Justin Sienna looks to be very strong as they return their entire seven from their 2007 squad; they will have John Masyczek lead them into the 2008 campaign looking for a state meet berth. A dangerous team will come from San Rafael HS, as they had two freshmen on their top five last year. Combine development with a strong leader in Brian Hernandez and this team could upset. One more team that could possibly be in Fresno thanksgiving weekend is Piedmont HS, they will have John Weber and Wyatt Alt leading the charge.

Individually the race is wide open, Alec Govi from Marin Catholic is the top returner from the 2007 race but Tony Levine from Saint Mary’s was just one second behind him. They will be joined by Cory Rand from Tamalpias HS and Daniel Maxwell from Saint Mary’s who sat out last fall due to an injury but ran a 9:42 3200m at MOC. The chase pack will include Kellen Asercion(SM), Micah Shaw-Henderson (El Molino), John Masyczek (JS) and Brian Hernandez (SR)

Boys’ Teams:
1. Saint Mary’s- Looking for third consecutive title.
2. Justin Sienna- Full squad from 2007 returns.
3. Tamalpias- Dangerous upfront, only need a number five and could take crown.
4. San Rafael- Talented and young.
5. Piedmont- Always a quiet yet dangerous team.

On the Bubble: Moreau Catholic, Arcata

Individuals returning: 5th Alec Govi Marin Catholic 16:16
6th Tony Levine St. Mary's College 16:17
8th Kellen Asercion St. Mary's College 16:26
9th Micah Shaw-Henderson El Molino,,, #1 16:28
10th John Masyczek Justin-Siena #1 16:31
From Div 3: 13th Cory Rand (11) Tamalpais 16:00

From Track: Daniel Maxwell 9:42 3200m

On the Girl’s side of things the 2007 state runner up Lady Panthers from Saint Mary’s are out looking for another NCS title. They return their top five and will be lead by Taylor Lawson who was the MOC Champion in the 300 Hurdles. The next best team on paper would have to be Piedmont assuming that Junior Jamie Kent will compete for the squad, as she opted not to run xc last fall but competed well on the oval in the spring. Piedmont is young but experienced and they have a tradition of success, the panthers and the highlanders will be able to see a lot of each other throughout the course of the season. The Mariners from Moreau Catholic HS will also field a stong team as six of last year’s top seven return, they could very well challenge Piedmont. Marin Catholic and Arcata seem to be in a dead lock for the next two positions as both teams have exceptional depth and impressive front running. Theresa Devine will lead Marin Catholic and the Arcata charge will be directed by Allie Maher.

Individually Taylor Lawson (SM) is the top returner from 2007 but expect Jamie Kent (P) and Theresa Devine (Marin C) to duke it out up front. Alex Choy (SM), Allie Maher(A), Margot Sullivan(SM), and Nochella Ozard from Fortuna will form an tenacious chase pack.

Girls’ Teams:
1. Saint Mary’s: Returning champs come back better than ever.
2. Piedmont- Talented team that will be finely coached and tuned.
3. Moreau Catholic- Big group back from 2007’s state meet squad.
4. Marin Catholic- Strong front runner in Devine.
5. Arcata- If the number five runner has a good day, they could be in Fresno.

On the Bubble: Terra Linda, Sir Francis Drake

Top Returners from 2007

Individuals: Taylor Lawson (11) St. Mary's College #1 18:43
Theresa Devine (11) Marin Catholic #1 18:49
Alex Choy (11) St. Mary's College #2 18:50
Margot Sullivan (12) St. Mary's College #3 19:15
Allie Maher (11) Arcata #1 19:21
Also Look out for: NCS 2006 Jamie Kent (9) Piedmont #1 18:56

Thank you to Matt Duffy for taking care of the Division IV rankings before he heads off to Brown to begin his college experience. Feel free to comment on the above rankings. CCS Division IV rankings will be up next followed by the Division V rankings for both CCS and NCS.


Anonymous said...

I also think that the all girls Ursuline High School (Santa Rosa) should be considered a bubble team. I am a runner for Cardinal Newman who has seen that if these girls stay healthy they could be good. Also, expect a big surprise in the individual category in the NCS Division IV state qualifier. A runner from my school had a great freshman season and then has been out with injury but is coming back this year. His freshman time would put him as one of the top returners so watch for him to take the title.

Anonymous said...

Btw, thanks to matt duffy for the rankings...he was one great runner. And the Cardinal Newman runner that I was referring to is currently a junior.

Anonymous said...

when are the state rankings for every division gonna come out? unless they already have and i just didnt notice

Anonymous said...

haha last year, the division 4 presence was pretty weak, besides of course st. mary's. i noticed that berean christian, who got 3rd in the division 5 NCS race, would've finished second in the D4 NCS championships

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