Friday, August 01, 2008

A note from Scotty Bauhs

Dear everyone,

I just wanted to take the time and write a belated thank you to every that has supported Chico State Distance Running, Gary and/or me in the past year. It was an amazing year and it is unbelievable the amount of support that we/I received throughout.

I always dreamed of running on the level that I am running on but to actually see and feel it happening is really unbelievable. This last year was really important in my development into a national class and hopefully soon, world class runner. I was able to go on some great trips throughout the world and I was running and beating some people that I have looked up to for quite a while. I ran times that rank up there with the best distance runners that this country has ever seen and for a while there was a possibility that I would be going to the Beijing Olympics.

The Trials were an amazing and very important experience. It was a track meet unlike any other and if you were there then I’m sure you agree that the performances throughout the facility were both exhilarating and inspiring. The Trials were also important because they brought me back down to earth in a very dramatic way. They made me realize that while I had made great improvements this year; I am not invincible and my legs aren’t going to be able to carry me through an infinite number of races. If you came to the trials: thank you, I’m sorry that I saved my worst race of the season for that particular 10k, but it was amazing to hear my name (or CHICO!) from all corners of the stadium even when it was clear that the Olympics were no longer an option. Getting lapped for the first time in my life was a tough pill to swallow but if all of you weren’t there cheering me on then the DNF next to my name would have been even worse.

I am rested and training for the next round. Cross-Country is going to be a lot of fun after my red shirt season last year. We will have a great team going to battle in Slippery Rock this year and I am very happy to be a part of it. Last year I had an opportunity to do my own thing by doing a half marathon and racing in Japan but there is nothing like being a part of a cross-country team where we are all striving for the same thing. We have a lot of training and growing to do but if the cards fall in the right place: this season will be a great one aswell.

Thank you again,

Scott(y) Bauhs


Anonymous said...

Go Scotty!

Anonymous said...

You were the absolute man at Stanford.

Calvin said...

hey, it was awesome watching you race at the trials... and even though our schools used to be rivals, i was definitely doing the chico chant.

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