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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mt. SAC Invitational Results

http://events.mtsac.edu/ccinvite/results.htm (scroll down and click the number next to each race)


Anonymous said...

Can someone clarify the Mt Sac distance? Course map says 3 miles but various course converters reference a 2.93 and a 3.1 mile course? Thanks.

hank said...

3.1 is run a Footlocker West. Course is 2.93 as far as I know.


Albert Caruana said...

This will answer your question and yes the course length is 2.93 miles.

Hank is also correct with the 3.1 mile distance for Footlocker West Regional Meet.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Destiny Collins?

Mark Snow said...

actually, all the current website info say 3 miles and we had several GPS distances at 3 miles.

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