Thursday, January 16, 2014

What is your favorite track workout?

You can also add your toughest track workout which you think has really helped with improving your track times.  Is the workout for 800m.?  1600m.? 3200m.?

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Coach Tim said...

My favorite workout to do from my college 800m days, the "Power half-hour": 15x400m at VO2 max interval pace, starting every 2-mins. My pace at the time was about 75 seconds. You get into a zone where they just click by and it doesn't even feel hard.

My least favorite workout was "The Dragon": 3x600, crossing the quarter at 93% of your 400m best. 10-15 minutes rest in between. In years of trying, I never managed to slay the dragon. In my entire career, it was the only workout I couldn't complete.

I'll usually give my high schoolers one attempt at the power half-hour in the late mid-season, adjusted to their level of fitness. I've had one 800m runner slay the dragon (it was his least favorite workout too), but it rarely fits in the season plan.

Albert Caruana said...

Great first post. Any others?

Anonymous said...

3 sets of 20 x 400 in 62-63. Took a 400 jog between sets of 5. It was brutal, peed blood after and slept for days barely making it out of bed for my runs.

Anonymous said...

The last time I did track workouts was 30 years ago.
My favorite is boring compared to the first two responders.
My favorite was 10x400 with a 400 recovery. 90% effort.
Next favorite 5X1600 with a slow 400 recovery. (Marathon training) Pace was 50 seconds faster than marathon pace.

Steve Palladino said...

Forget my favorite. I once saw Lee Evans do 4x500 in a workout on the CSM track. He'd go through the 400 in 54-55, and then accelerate/sprint the last 100. 300 walk recovery interval. Sweetness!

Steve Palladino said...

PS - for the younger readers, if you don't know Lee Evans, please Google Lee Evans 400m.

hank said...

Lee Evans workouts (from coach Stan Dowell) can be found here:

Work Out


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