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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 Millrose Games Womens Wanamaker Mile

Video of Mary Cain's latest American HS record in the indoor mile this time in 4:28.25!


Anonymous said...

I literally stood up in excitement watching this race. I don't want to say to much about it here in the comments in case someone else hasn't seen it, but the way she started was awesome, then I really thought she was dropping big time like 3 quarters of the way in but NOPE! What a race! I also really enjoyed Uncle Bernie's 2 Mile! Watching him nearly collapse at the end, I thought, "Man this guy's my hero. He won't give up and will give everything he has." That's what I want to be like. Jager ran like a BOSS too but ran out of fuel.

Anonymous said...

Alberto is a black magic voodoo wizard who endows his athletes with mystical superpowers

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Mary Cain and Sarah Baxter go head to head on the track, particularly in the 3k/3200. Sarah has never really been pushed at those distances.

Anonymous said...

We may get to see it a lot if they both go to Oregon!

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