Saturday, February 02, 2013

Mary Cain 9:38.68 2 mile!!

As posted on milesplit:

9:38.68 would have qualified for the CCS boys 3200m. final the past two seasons.  The outdoor 3200m. high school record is 9:48.59 by Kim Mortensen set in 1996.


Peter Brewer said...

I have objection to her transferring to Northgate High at any time.

Anonymous said...

How is this a high school record if she doesn't run for her high school?

Anonymous said...

"How is this a high school record if she doesn't run for her high school?"

Track and Field News' All-Time High School list (the one which is considered the "real" list) can be considered the top marks made by athletes who attend American High Schools. This is so for several reasons:

1) for many years, high schools did not sponsor girls track. For example, official CCS girls competition did not begin until the mid-1970's. Thus, any girl couldn't "run for her high school."

2) there are many instances where high school athletes do not compete for their high school. For example, if a high schooler qualifies for the Olympic Games, he/she does not "run for her school." Do we just ignore those performances? More common these days are post-season meets (including the entire USATF youth circuit) where athletes do not run for their high school.

A simple way to look at it is that there are a few "limited lists": The NFHS keeps records in a limited set of events where the athletes are competing for their high schools (provided that the schools are members of the NFHS). The USATF keeps records of a slightly different set of events that were run in USATF-run meets. However, the recognized "comprehensive list" maintained by Track and Field News covers everything.

Anonymous said...

Good response. Thank you.

Obviously running a race with only high school competition will result in different results than running in open races. Thus separate lists are necessary.

Anonymous said...

Come on Mr Brewer I heard Al Sal want'sto get out of the rain and start working with the Broncos, and CV too :-)

Anonymous said...

You don't need separate lists. She ran the fastest. Period.

Anyone could have taken the measures she did to try and run their fastest. She made some big choices to focus on her running and it paid off. Others choose to run for their high schools, and in doing so MAY not get as good coaches, facilities, competition, etc, etc. It's all about choices and what you are willing to do to be your best, and what is more important to you. Some people want the experience of running for their high school team - and that is fine for them, but that doesn't mean they get different record lists. Where would it stop...different record lists for altitude versus non altitude, different record lists for hot versus cold weather, different record lists for private versus public schools, etc.

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