Tuesday, June 09, 2009

CA State Meet 3200m. reflection with Philip MacQuitty…

Today we hear from Palo Alto runner Philip MacQuitty who just recently finished 18th, at the CA state meet in the 3200m., with a lifetime best time of 9:07.23. Philip had a few break out efforts this past season, including an impressive 1:55.99 in a duel meet 800m. He really started to roll late in the season starting at the CCS semis (as he mentioned below) and continued that momentum by recording a PR to qualify for the state meet, finishing 3rd in a ultra competitive CCS meet.

1) What did you do training wise (day by day) following the CCS final on Friday to the 3200m. final yesterday?

I ran on average 4 miles a day after CCS. I had one work out on Tuesday and some 200s on Thursday after an easy run.

2) What was your race plan going into the 3200m. final? Where there runners you were focusing on or where you focused on running certain splits?

Going into the race I didn't want to look at the clock. I wanted to run with the pack for the whole race.

3) Tell us a little how your race progressed from the beginning and how it unfolded as it got into the second 1600m.
I felt really good during the first mile and was in the front half of the field for the first 5 laps. As I got ito the second mile, I started falling off a little. Lap 6 and 7 were the laps that made me fall of the pack and the pace i wanted to go (both 71 seconds). I was luckily able to regain some lost time on the last lap (63).

4) What was the toughest part of the race?

The laps 6 and 7 were the toughest for me.

5) What race during the season do you think gave you the confidence to run so well at the end of the season?

CCS semis. I felt really good running 9:11.

6) Any races coming up for you this summer?

I am going to Golden West, I will be running the mile there. I might do an all comers meet just to run a fast 800 and try to break my pr.

Thank you. I wanted to add that CCS ran very well especially Garrett and Mitch. They both ran an extremely smart race.

Thank you very much Philip.

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Anonymous said...

PM is a tough competitor and a class kid

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