Monday, June 08, 2009

CA State Meet 3200m. race reflection with Colleen Lillig...

Today we hear from California distance runner, Colleen Lillig. Before her state meet effort this past Saturday in the 3200m., she was recently crowned as the NCS champion in the same event as she rolled to a 10:43.95 victory. At the state meet, Colleen finished in 12th place in 10:43.54, trailing only Jacque Taylor in the race for the top honors for Northern California runners.

1) What did you do training wise (day by day) following the NCS final on Saturday to the 3200m. final yesterday?

I just ran easy the day after to loosen up. I took Monday off because I had been suffering from a really nasty cold and needed to lay low. I came back teusday and did a few 800s at pace. The rest of the week was just easy runs and strides.

2) What was your race plan going into the 3200m. final? Where there runners you were focusing on or where you focused on running certain splits?

This was my first race at state for track, my coach told me to just go out and run and go for a medal and a PR. We're hoping to use this as experience for a more tactical race next season.

3) Tell us a little how your race progressed from the beginning and how it unfolded as it got into the second 1600m.

I went out at about 5:17 which is around what I wanted to come through at. I felt good, but on the sixth lap something happened, my legs just gave out and I died for a moment, the whole pack passed me. I got a second wind later, but it wasn't enough to move back into medaling position.

4) What was the toughest part of the race?

The toughest part of the race was watching that whole pack pass me so quickly on that sixth lap. I have the confidence I can run with those girls so I'm pretty mad I couldn't get myself to stay with them when I shut down for a moment.

5) What do you feel like you learned at this state meet that will help you next year?

I've learned to be more patient. I took the risk of leading that big pack through the first mile. I don't regret doing so, but if i had been more patient and sat a little longer I think the second mile would have gone a lot better for me.

6) Any races coming up for you this summer?

Nothing serious, just some fun local runs. I'm mostly focusing on training for cross country.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting this interview up... how about one with CCS freshman star Allison Sturges?

Albert Caruana said...

I will see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see how well Colleen did this track season as she was injuryed last year's track season. Can't wait to see what's in store for her her senior year in Cross- country and in track.

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