Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Catching up with Mountain View runner, Allison Sturges...

Today we hear from Mountain View freshman distance runner, Allison Sturges. She is one of the upcoming stars in the Central Coast Section (CCS) as she proved this past season by qualifying for the state track and field meet in the 1600m. She had PRs of 2:20.90 in the 800m., 4:59.32 in the 1600 and ran on her school's 1600m. relay team. The 1600m. mark was achieved while finishing 2nd at the CCS meet, with some daring front running, losing barely to an experienced senior (San Benito's Courtney Allen).

1) What race gave you the confidence this year that you had a shot to make the state meet?
My goal this year was to run a sub-five 1600. When I got 5:01 at League Finals, I knew I had a chance to break 5 minutes this season...and I knew that if I could break 5, I would have a chance to go to State.

2) Tell us a little about your CCS race and how it developed from start to finish.

My goal at CCS Finals was to get in the top 3 so I could make it to State. My strategy to get in the top 3, was to go for first place. I stayed in the back of the front pack for the first two laps, and slowly started moving up in the last lap and a half. In the last 200 I was leading...then in the last 50, I heard Courtney Allen coming up behind me. Unfortunately, when she came up beside me, she accidentally hooked my arm and that broke my stride...but I stayed focused, and was really happy I finished in 2nd and didn't fall.

3) What was the best part of making the state meet for you?

The best part of making State was achieving both my goals for the season - Going to State as a Freshman and getting there by breaking 5 minutes for the first time.

4) What did you learn most about your state meet experience that you think will help you in the future?

State meet was a BIG deal. I didn't realize how big of a deal it was until I got there. The stadium was amazing, there were lots of people...I was very overwhelmed and nervous. I was able to break 5 minutes again, but I didn't do as well as I wanted. If I make it to State again, I will definitely be more prepared next time.

5) What was the biggest difference between running the CCS final and the trials at state?

I went into CCS Finals seeded 2nd, so I knew I had a good chance to make it to State if I had a good race - I went into CCS Finals very determined. However, going into State Trials I wasn't seeded very high, the competition was intense, and I think it affected my confidence a bit.

6) Looking back at your track and field season, what would you say was your best race of the season?

My best race of the season was definitely CCS Finals. I think I ran a smart race and pushed my body to it's limits during the 1600. Also, my 4x400 relay team did really well - we broke our school record and missed going to State by only .11 seconds. It was a great night!

Thank you. I had such a great time running with the Mountain View HS cross country and track teams this year. I am really looking forward to fall!

Thank you very much Allison! AJC


Anonymous said...

3rd best freshman runner in the state (1600) and the best one in Norcal for sure.

Good interview!

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you. Allison deserves the credit for the great answers.

Anonymous said...

Does Sturges rock the knee socks too?

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