Monday, June 29, 2009

CA State Meet All Time Boys' Podium Teams through '08

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If you spot any errors, please email me at

Some interesting data from the list:
Most overall plaques: McFarland with 13

Most state championships: Jesuit, McFarland with 9

Most 2nd place finishes: Flintridge Prep with 6

Most 3rd place finishes: San Francisco University with 5

The team that had the longest span of time between it's 1st and last plaque: Jesuit with 18 years (1988-2006)

The team that has won the most combined plaques (boys and girls): Nordhoff with 19 plaques. A close second and still collecting plaques is San Francisco University with 17 plaques.


Evan Smith said...

Albert, you need to change the title from "girls" to "boys" on the list you posted today.


Anonymous said...

There is a minor counting error with St. John Bosco Boys' Team. That's all I spotted. Excellent research.

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks for catching that Evan. It's corrected now.

I will go back and double check the St. John Bosco Boys' team totals.

Any other errors, please let me know.

Mark Casas said...

Albert, there is nothing wrong with the St. John Bosco Boys' team. I checked our history and you have it listed accurately. Thanks :)

Albert Caruana said...


I actually went back and double checked myself and I had the right amount of 1st and 3rd place plaques but not the right total of plaques which was mentioned earlier. It's since been corrected.

Thanks for checking in.

George Ramos said...

Avenal is Central Section. Love the lists!

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks George. I will make correct the error.

I should stop assuming a team is in the SS when I am not sure...:D

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