Friday, September 24, 2021

Northern California Cross Country Top 15 rankings (posted on Sunday)

I will be working on posting the top 15 Northern California XC teams (boys and girls) this Sunday and wanted to get input from all of you out there. Please comment below regarding teams that you feel belong in the top 15 in Northern California which includes the following sections: Northern, Sac Joaquin, North Coast, Central Coast, San Francisco and Oakland.

Feel free to come up with your own list and post it below if you like as well. 

Thank you in advance for your help.


Alex said...

Lick Wilmerding boys!

XC Fan said...

I’d like to 2nd the comment above. At this week’s BCL Meet, LWHS had 7 boys under 16:20 and 4 under 16 min over 2.95 miles. Their #1 runner, Alex Mader, shattered a decade old course record by over 30 sec and should easily win the D5 state meet barring injury or illness. This version of the LWHS team may prove to be one of the best, if not the best, D5 team in CA state history.

Albert Caruana said...

You might want to look up Kenan Pala from Francis Parker as he will be a major competitor for the Division V state individual title.

XC Fan said...

Mader beat Pala by about 5 sec in the 3200 at Arcadia last spring. I gather Pala must be off to a great start in XC this season, ok, let’s see how it goes. Regardless the Lick boys will be a force in D5.

Albert Caruana said...

No question on the Lick-Wilmerding boys. That was very impressive. I think Mader and Pala will be the two leading contenders for the state individual title and it will be competitive.

Patrick D said...

Some boys teams/individuals that have impressed so far during invitational season:
-Ref. Milesplit "Hypothetical Meet"; 5K, 3M, 2M
-Also looked closely at head to heads at De La Salle, Farmers, Woodbridge, Ed Sias

In no order:
Davis, Jesuit, Folsom, Chico -- went head to head at Josh Ruff (5K)
Vacaville -- five under 15:30 at Woodbridge
Dougherty Valley -- also five under 15:30 at Woodbridge, but with 12 second spead)
Dublin -- Packed it in for podium at De La Salle (24 sec spread)
Campolindo -- head to head vs. Carrillo @ Ed Sias (Campo win); head to head against Maria Carrillo -- Carrillo with 5 under 16:15 at Woodbridge
Scotts Valley

Individual Standouts (in no particular order):
Sean Morello, Albany
Sean Lacy, Bella Vista
Braden King, Jesuit
Jeremy Kain, Scotts Valley
Alex Lamoureux,College Park
Harrison Dance, Saratoga
Caden Carney, Tam
Sharvin Marjrekar, Dublin
Jacob Donohue, Maria Carrillo
Noe Vieyra, Maria Carrillo
Alexander Loedwick, Campo
Rhys Pullen, Campo
Mario Giannini, Chico
Ted Kawabata, Newark Memorial
Chance Tokubo, Newark Memorial
Roland Ruckman-Barnes, Granada
Daegan Cutter, Redwood

This is just what stood out for me. I'm sure I missed a few.

Mike said...

I can only comment on what I have seen in the SJ section but for the boys:

Vacaville is the best I have seen in what has to be the deepest D2 fields in memory. They beat Davis/Jesuit by a healthy margin and 5 under 15:30 at Woodbridge. 2 years really changes much, and even the 2019 D2 section champ Whitney might struggle to make it to state. Bella Vista and Vista Del Lago have been perennial qualifiers but I don't see them making it this year.

Boys Top 5:
1. Vacaville
2 (tie). Jesuit, Davis, Folsom
5. Buhach Colony.

On the girls side, OakRidge looks pretty deep but they will struggle to podium State if they don't find a 5th to step up. St Francis always have depth. Bella Vista might have their deepest team since the Derry sisters.

Girls Top 5:
1. Oakridge
2. St Francis
3. Rio Americano
4. Granite Bay
5. Del Oro and Bella Vista

This upcoming weekend (Oct 2nd) is the biggest weekend of the year before playoffs. Del Oro Invite and Tom Laythe Invite feature all the state-qualifier contenders and it will be much easier to rank teams as they go head to head. Also this is the last weekend before Clovis so teams are promoting their good Frosh/Soph runners to Varsity to determine their top 7 runners for that state-meet experience.

R Gowen said...

Boys -
Woodbridge had seven of these teams in action - ranked in that order; Dublin bested Dougherty Valley at Farmers and Granada bested Dublin at Nike DLS
1 - Vacaville
2 - Granada
3 - Dublin
4 - Dougherty Valley
5 - Maria Carillo
6 - Scotts Valley
7 - Monte Vista
8 - Menlo
9 - San Ramon Valley
10 - Davis
11 - Bellarmine
12 - De La Salle
13 - Newark Memorial
14 - Jesuit
15 - Campolindo

8 of the top 9 in action at Woodbridge
1 - St Francis
2 - Dougherty Valley
3 - Monte Vista
4 - Del Oro
5 - Menlo Atherton
6 - Maria Carillo
7 - St Francis - Mountain View
8 - McClatchy
9 - Oak Ridge
10 - Los Gatos
11 - Campolindo
12 - San Ramon Valley
13 - Los Altos
14 - California
15 - Granada

Unknown said...

What about Zachary Ayers?
DLS Champ

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