Thursday, September 30, 2021

California divisional rankings now posted

You can check out the divisional rankings as posted on for both boys and girls at this link: 

You can also the boys' divisional rankings as posted on

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Unknown said...

Seems to be a very heavy socal bias on these rankings. Don't know how Dougherty Valley girls didn't make the top 10 OR the "on the bubble" when they finished ahead of #3 Great Oak, #6 Clovis North, #7 Santiago, and #10 Saugus at Woodbridge. Then on the boys side, DV was left out of any mention at all despite also beating teams mentioned in the rankings in their win in the Woodbridge rated race (they beat Arcadia and Torrey Pines by over 30 seconds and 43 seconds respectively in total team time). They seem to be left out of these sorts of rankings all the time but the girls side is a very strong top 10 contender for state and I wouldn't be all too surprised if their boys side makes it in as well.

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