Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Crystal Springs Course update

You can find the following update regarding the Crystal Springs Course at this LINK in today's San Mateo Journal. The announcement was made last Thursday.

"In other business, the board made a recommendation to move forward with modified plans for continued use at the Crystal Springs Cross Country Course in Belmont and gave an update on use for the San Mateo Athletic Club — both topics the center of some debate. 

The cross country course, which sees wide use from middle school and high school programs on the Peninsula and beyond, has become an issue for some local homeowners who’ve raised concerns over parking and traffic.

In recognition of concerns, the number of yearly meets at the site will now be capped at 25, with only five meets annually allowed to exceed 1,000 participants and only five meets annually allowed to take place on Saturdays. Additionally, race organizers and the district will explore using alternative entrance points. According to Chancellor Michael Claire, the course usually hosts 30 to 35 meets annually.

“After a lot of consideration, and looking at the history of the course, we’re trying to find that middle ground,” Claire said, noting the abundance of public comment on the matter during the board’s last meeting."


pmccrystle said...

Bravo to all who worked so hard for this to happen: Steve Filios, Jim Marheineke, Joe Mangan, Bob Rush, Frank Hunt, ALL the neighbors who spoke up so articulately and passionately about the importance of keeping the course open, and I am sure many others whom I do not know...thank God we will have Crystal going forward!!!!!!!!

Jeff Benford said...

Fantastic news!

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