Thursday, November 07, 2019

St. Francis, Mt. View Girls

As was mentioned yesterday, the St. Francis Mt. View girls ran the 3rd fastest team time on the Crystal Springs course yesterday at the WCAL final. They also became the first team to have 7 runners dip under the 19 minute mark in the same race. Congratulations to them and best of luck to the rest of the teams competing this week.

The all-time list for the Crystal Springs course can be found at this LINK and will be updated after this season.


Anonymous said...

Saint Francis is the "Bellarmine" of girls XC in CCS. They get the best top end talent year after year. It is more shocking when they don't win than when they do.

And please don't start in on "development." Otherwise Saint Francis boys would still be beating Bellarmine. It is talent, talent, talent.

On another note they are the fastest team to not have anyone break 18. Big congrats on a great run!

Jeremy Mattern said...

Congratulations to both Bellarmine and Saint Francis. Inspiring performances on one of California's most historic courses. I guarantee those groups work incredibly hard, regardless of talent. Keep up the exemplary efforts!

Anonymous said...

"And please don't start in on "development.""

Why not? It looks like most of these girls have improved by over a minute this year.

And although St. Francis has always been good, it's a stretch to call them the "Bellarmine" of girls XC. How many other times have they been the best overall girls team in CCS?

Anonymous said...

It would seem like the recent coaching change at St. Francis has really helped their girls program. The Pompeii's have clearly been doing a great job developing the talent there.

Anonymous said...

FYI Saint Francis girls win last year without new superstars. And I don’t think much development happens in a few months. Clearly a super talented group.

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