Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Anonymous said...

Anyone else not looking me equity leagues? I think it’s great for regular season but for finals when all 3 leagues come together in one big race why not leave it at that? Odd to see a someone finish 2nd, 4th, etc. and be “league champion.” And lower divisions celebrate a league title when you are battling for #20 over-all?

Same in CCS with sports that have an open division. You could be the 8th best team in D1 but because of “competitive equity” you are placed in a lower division and you celebrate a championship? All so odd to me.

Albert Caruana said...

Cross Country and Track are two sports that have kept the same format and not changed to a competitive equity model.

In a related note, I for one have suggested an open division for cross country so the top teams can race against each other at the state meet. What you could have now is a situation where teams competing against each other for an NXN spot race at different times of the day with very different temperatures. An example is this year where the division 1 boys race last and if the weather is super hot as opposed to earlier in the day, those teams could have a tremendous disadvantage compared to other divisions racing earlier in the day.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Bellarmine May have broken a 34-year old team time record at Crystal Springs.

Carl Triola said...

VVAL 3rd Cluster meet results can be found here :

Carl Triola said...

That should be VVAL not VVAK Cluster meet...

Anonymous said...

Are you going to post individual rankings for NCS at some point? Interested in who you favor for Division V boys.

Albert Caruana said...

NCS is going to be in two weeks. I am writing up a meet preview but do plan on posting some rankings on here. I also have CCS for my team this week so trying to fit everything in as best I can.

Anonymous said...

WACC Championships Results:

DAL Championships Results:

Len said...

There are some scoring issues with the WACC results previously noted. The times for the runners are correct but the overall team scores are not. has the correct team scores by category:

Anonymous said...

NBL Redwood Results...


Windsor sweeps, winning boys easily and narrowly edging Analy in girls race.

Anonymous said...

what happened to Charlotte Tomkinson - is she hurt?

Albert Caruana said...

More than likely she will race again this season.

Anonymous said...

Although Piedmont beat Bishop O'Dowd at the WACC championships, I think O'Dowd would win at NCS due to the fact that O'Dowd's avg time was 16:27 compared to Piedmont's 16:41. In a bigger and more competitive meet, the avg time will be more of a factor.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 9:36,

I disagree, if anything, Piedmont would have an even BETTER chance to beat Bishop at NCS, because more people in the race = more points added to each overall team score.

At the WACC Finals, Bishop had a spread of 1 minute, 41 seconds for their top 5 runners. In comparison, Piedmont had a team spread of 41 seconds.

Last year in the NCS D2 Boys race, College Park had a slower team time than Foothill, yet had a much better team spread of 58 seconds, compared to 2:11 for Foothill, so College Park took 3rd and Foothill took 4th.

To summarize, it is POINTS/PACK RUNNING that matters, NOT average team time.

Anonymous said...

MVAL (NCS) results:

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:36 and 2:16

If you think about it, Bishop's top two runners (15:42/15:43) will most likely get third and forth place at NCS, only moving 4 points back from their WACC placing. The the 3-4-5 will move back significantly, but they have two solid anchors up front to lessen their score.

Piedmont has no runners under 16:15, so ALL of their runners will be sliding back places with no front runners, but that being said, their spread is much better. They did edge Bishop out on a 75-75 score at WACC.

Honestly this ranking could go either way and it will be a great team battle, potentially with a state berth on the line, can't wait to watch it play out at NCS.

John Hotchkiss said...

Link to MVAL Results from 11/14:

Anonymous said...

I believe BVAL is in NCS not CCS

Carl Triola said...

VVAL Championships Results-

Hank said...

There is a BVAL in both Sections. Just like there is a DAL in both Sections as well.


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