Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Central Coast Section Championship Meet Prevew

If you have any additional information or I missed any teams or individuals, please feel free to let me know in the comment section below. I will be happy to add to what I posted already.


Anonymous said...

Top 5 to watch for:

5) Individual Times for Girls since Boys is Peattie. Kaiya Brooks (D5) 17:42.8, Gianna Mendoza (D2) 17:44.3 and Lauren Soobrian (D1) 17:46.6
4) Team Battle for D1 Girls for last spot for State (2 spots for D1 Girls)
3) Bells Perfect Score? How many sub 15?
2) St, Francis Girls bettering Team Time. Menlo Girls breaking into top 10 all-time.
1) Bells bettering their Record Breaking Team Time.

Anonymous said...

Bellarmine did not look too good today. Did WCAL run the same course as CCS?

Anonymous said...

Some observations of the day:

D1 girls race was the race of the day hands down & not to mention, the hardest to make state. Top 6 were individuals and 18:33 did not make state!!

Bell looked a bit off but took care of business. Look for them to rebound big at State.

Saint Francis girls are a machine. Very excited to see what the do in 2 weeks

Willow Glen beating Saint Francis boys is huge. Solid run for both teams that came down to the #5.

D3 team titles were close and exciting. 1-2-3 WCAL finish for boys & 1-2 for girls but the weakest division on both boys & girls by far.

King City major upset over Scott’s Valley. WOW!

Menlo girls. WOW!

Crystal Springs upland takes the girls individual title & boys team title. Well done again Albert!

Julian of York with the individual win in 15:46. And you all act like anything south of San Jose doesn’t exist.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winning teams and individuals from yesterday's races and congratulations to all those who set PRs or performed beyond expectations regardless of their final placing!

I was pleased to read that Noelle Diep of El Camino High (GO COLTS!!) won the individual crown in Division III! I'm always happy for the runners on small teams at schools with much of a track record who perform well at the big meets! Good luck at the State Championships Noelle!

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please point me toward the site with the full listing of the CCS championship final races? (I'm talking about the listings provided by whoever performed the race timing.) I can seem to find them anywhere online. Thank you!

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