Friday, November 30, 2018

NXN and Foot Locker West Region

NXN California individual competitors
Riley Chamberlain Del Oro HS (SJS)-Finished 62nd out of 202 total runners.

Liam Anderson Redwood HS (NCS)-NXN Champion! (First CA male champion at NXN)
Matt Strangio Jesuit HS (SJS)-8th Place
Loic Scomparin Dublin HS (NCS)-98th Place

Live results:
Live webcast:

Foot Locker West Region
Meet website:

Gabrielle Peterson, Healdsburg, and Colleen McCandless, Granada both qualified for the Foot Locker National meet with a top 10 finish at the West Region seeded race.
Connor Livingston, De La Salle qualified for the Foot Locker National meet with a 7th place finish in the seeded race.

One more race left in the season with the Foot Locker national meet taking place next Saturday in San Diego. Best of luck to Gabrielle, Colleen, and Connor.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the entry list for footlocker west? Just searching for who in Norcal is going to start.

Albert Caruana said...

I think if I remember correctly, only the competing athletes are able to see the competitors. If I am wrong and there is a link out there, please add it below.

Anonymous said...

Liam Champ
Matt 8th

Anonymous said...

Great showing my California boys at NXN!

Anonymous said...

Liam, also broke the course record.

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