Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Update for SJS Meet this Saturday

The following was posted on the SJS website.

CROSS COUNTRY: We are hoping to have the Section cross country championships on SATURDAY, Nov. 17 at the Willow Hill course in Folsom. The air quality is forecast to be within decent ranges that morning, and we will have varsity-only races with combined divisions beginning at 9 a.m. The schedule is as follows:
         9 a.m.: D1/2 boys
         9:35 a.m.: D1/2 girls
         10 a.m.: D3/4/5 boys
         10:35 a.m.: D3/4/5 girls
          If the AQI climbs above 150 (unhealthy range) before any races are run, we will not hold the races, instead using the times from our sub-section meet for teams to qualify for the state championships. If the AQI climbs above 150 during the races, all subsequent races will be called off and we will use sub-section times to qualify for the state championships.
          All AQI forecasts for this weekend remain well into the red (unhealthy) and even into the purple (extremely unhealthy) ranges. This decision was made with the health of our student-athletes in mind. We understand this may cause some inconveniences and we appreciate your patience and understanding. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of the region impacted far more severely by the Camp Fire.


Daniel James said...

Rough for everybody involved, but really hope CIF qualification isn't determined by sub-section results as many teams and individuals pack run that as a tempo.

Anonymous said...

Daniel James - what team pack ran as a tempo that would not qualify to state? As far as I can tell, every super team would qualify when I look at the sub-section results. I saw the Davis girls and the St. Francis girls pack run, and both won their division anyways. The Jesuit boys pack ran too, and crushed everyone. Even good teams that ran 'soft' made it into a qualifying slot - the Davis boys placed 2nd behind Jesuit, and the Vista girls and Placer boys both won their divisions too. What team placed out of the running if the sub-section results are used that would really have a chance to place in the top half at state? And I did not see any individuals that are top 10 candidates at state dog it either. Gough of Nevada Union and Chamberlain of Del Oro both won easily. So who would be 'left out'? I will concede that some second tier teams pack ran into a 4th or 5th place finish at subs that could have slipped into a 2nd or 3rd place birth had they ran seriously, but that was their choice to run that way, and I don't see any of them making any noise at state anyways. This year proves that bizarre things can happen, and running 'soft' at the sub-section meet may not be a smart choice any longer.

Likely the section meet will happen this Saturday, which will make this conversation moot and everyone involved happy - hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Just received a robo-call from the Folsom-Cordova School district that Folsom High and area schools have cancelled school Thurs/Friday.

Anonymous said...

Come on, if it's not held Saturday, forecasts suggest it almost certainly could be held on the following Monday or Tuesday. Not ideal, but still plenty of time before the State meet on that Saturday. Much better than just choosing the teams to go.

Unknown said...

When will they know what the plan is?

Anonymous said...

Any know What the plan is for NCS this Saturday?

Anonymous said...

Based on something posted separately, it looked like NCS was given CIF approval to host there sections meet up to Tuesday at the latest. My vote would be for SJS to follow the same and play it day by day so these kids can run!

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