Thursday, September 13, 2018

De La Salle Invitational Meet Preview

You can check out that preview at this link:

If you and your team are competing at the meet, please let us know in the comment section below. If there are other runners and teams that deserve mention as well, feel free to include those in the comment section as well.


Anonymous said...

I got Livingston, Who ya got?
And don't sleep on Eleanor Wikstrom Skyline, not saying she wins, but will a player.

Anonymous said...

Granada is running at Woodbridge.

Dan said...

I think the the Strangio/Livingston battle will be the race of the day, Preston Norris could challenge, but one of the things I think makes the front runners so good is their consistency. Those two at the front rarely have "bad" races and are among the most consistent runners in the state.

With Granada at the Woodbridge track meet, the girl's side should be pretty wide open but I am looking at Gabriella Hernandez of Vacaville to have a good run on hilly course, like the one she won at during the Laguna Valley Invitational. See you out there, best of luck to the runners, teams and coaches, should be a great day of cross country.

Albert Caruana said...

You can add Preston Norris to the front two. He was very impressive last week.

Dan said...

Vacaville Boys finished 4th at the Ed Sias and are looking to crack the top 5 this weekend. Vacaville's Freshman Kellen Steplight (7th at the Ed Sias) is hoping to continue his great HS start with a top 10 finish as well.

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