Thursday, September 13, 2018

Now this is how you celebrate your 62nd birthday

The photo below courtesy of Sonoma Academy coach Danny Aldridge. For those of you that may not be familiar with Danny, he was just inducted in the Cal Poly SLO hall of fame and you can check out his accolades at this LINK. You can also check out more accolades about Danny at this LINK.

So below, he decided to run 62 x 200 for his 62nd birthday with 1-minute rest between each 200 and a 200 jog between sets. Danny was also paced by San Francisco State 10k record holder, Mike Fanelli. You can check out the times for all his 200s below. Color me impressed!


Anonymous said...

A) Hard to believe Danny isn't already in the CPSLO Hall of fame!
B) I would have skipped the 200's and had cake :-)

Steve Palladino said...

Happy Birthday, Danny! BTW - the workout was run on the Cardinal Newman track in Santa Rosa, which is still an old school 440 yard oval. Therefore, Danny technically did 62x220y (201.2m) - which is definitely more appropriate for an old geezer. ;-)

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