Wednesday, September 05, 2018

North Coast Section pre-season individuals rankings (Boys and Girls)

Bumping this up to the front page. These individual rankings were previously posted on July 26th. Any changes? Adds?

1) Liam Anderson (12) Redwood
2) Connor Livingston (12) De La Salle
3) Christopher Middleton-Pearson (11) Dublin
4) Loic Scomparin (12) Dublin

5) Andre Williams (12) Sonoma Academy
6) Edward Buckley (12) Campolindo
7) Preston Norris (12) Las Lomas
7) Cooper McCarthy (12) Sir Francis Drake
8) Nicco Pompili (12) Sir Francis Drake

9) Tyler Hattori (12) Granada
10) Russell Sullivan (12) Foothill

1) Colleen McCandless (12) Granada
2) Emily Perez (12) St. Joseph Notre Dame
3) Gabrielle Peterson (12) Healdsburg
4) Kalea Bartolotto (12) Granada
5) Kelli Wilson (11) Monte Vista
6) Rayna Stanziano (12) Concord

7) Gracie Dupuis (12) Granada
8) Lauren Lum (12) Alameda
9) Kinga Bihari (12) Granada
10) Aimee Armstrong (12) Maria Carrillo

As always, it's tough to narrow such lists down to just 10 so if you feel that other runners should be mentioned as well, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.

If there are other rankings that you would like to see on this site, please let me know as well.


alien said...

Lauren Lum should be Alameda not Granada.

Albert Caruana said...

Fixed. Thanks for catching that.

Anonymous said...

Is this list based on returning times? If not I think Savannah Maselli of Granada should be ranked

Albert Caruana said...

The list is based mostly on last year's XC season.

Anonymous said...

CCS list?

Albert Caruana said...

Walt Van Zant has done the CCS comparisons for many years and those should be out sometime before the start of the season.

Hank said...

CCS pre-season rankings by Walt VanZant.


Brian Gunn said...

Preston Norris looked really great yesterday and his training has been smart and consistent. I think he will out perform this ranking at State.

Anonymous said...

Preston Norris (12) Las Lomas, Moving on up after Monta Vista, Sullivan also. They threw down!

Anonymous said...

Great run by Norris and Sullivan, However, remember to move up you must drop someone else down and most have not started there season yet. And, long way go go before state :-)

Albert Caruana said...

It's my list so I can do whatever I want including adding more runners without removing anybody. It's all fun and games online but the races are what count.

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