Saturday, August 18, 2018

All-time NorCal NXN teams

How many can you name? 

Ok, so St. Francis in 2017 is the only CCS team to qualify to NXN. What about individuals? What individuals have qualified to NXN from CCS?

What NCS team qualified to NXN? Individuals?

What about SJS? Teams? Individuals?

Photo to the right courtesy of Monica Ratliff. In 2015, the five individuals that qualified from the California state meet were all from Northern California. Left to right: Morgin Coonfield (McKinleyville-NCS), Cate Ratliff (Santa Cruz-CCS), Gillian Meeks (Gunn-CCS), Megan McCandless (Granada-NCS) and Brooke Starn (Monte Vista-NCS).


Anonymous said...

St. francis Mt View 9th at 2017 NXN.

Anonymous said...

In 2015, all the Girls NXN Individual Qualifiers were from either NCS or CCS. They were: Morgin Coonfield, McKinleyville HS
Megan McCandless, Granada HS
Gillian Meeks, Gunn HS
Cate Ratliff, Santa Cruz HS
Brooke Starn, Monte Vista HS

Albert Caruana said...

That is correct. I have a photo somewhere of the five NorCal individuals that qualified to NXN. I will post it if I can find it.

Monica Ratliff said...

I've got that photo of the 2015 NXN individual girls if you want it, Albert. Can't seem to find your email address. - Monica Ratliff

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you, Monica. I found it online and it's posted now. Thanks for still visiting my site!

Peter Brewer said...

Carondelet was an NCS team qualifier to NXN. And Kelsey Santisteban ran there as well her senior year at Castro Valley.

Albert Caruana said...

I believe the 2006 Carondelet girls are the only NCS team to qualify for NXN which started out as Nike Team Nationals in 2004.

pmccrystle said...

On the boys side, this is what I know...I think i'm pretty good on teams, but probably missing a number of individuals:

Jesuit 2005 and '06; Garrett Rowe and Erick Olson 2009; Aubrey Meyjer 2011; Aidan Goltra 2013, and Madera South 2013; Justin Robison and Eduardo Herrera 2015; Cooper Teare, Michael Vernau and Liam Anderson 2016; Anderson and Matt Strangio 2017

In terms of Milesplit's state rankings, congrats to many Norcal teams for working hard in track to the point of being recognized pre-season in XC. Of course, on the boys' side, milesplit made egregious errors in calculating team strengths for 5 teams; for four of the teams they double listed runners in the top 7--because of different first names in their database--and for #4 Claremont, they counted two runners who have graduated!!!!! Those sorts of mistakes are easily correctable, but seem odd that someone would put in so much time to rank all the teams but not do a simple search and see that, eg, Gabe Rosado and Gabriel Rosado are the same person...oh well! Teams ranked from Norcal (I included the Central Section, and Paso Robles is now part of the Central Sectoin)
Boys: #3 St. Fr Mt. View, #6 Dublin, #9 Granada, #10 Jesuit, #14 Los Altos, #15 Sir Francis Drake, #16 Clovis North, #19 Campolindo, #20 Homestead, #22 Paso Robles, #24 Lowell, #26 Chico, #27 University SF, #33 Bellarmine, #34 Amador Valley, #35 Rocklin,

Girls: #2 Granada, #6 Buchanan, #10 Oakland Tech, #13 Vista Del Lago, #16 St. Francis Sacto, #21 Davis, #27 McFarland, #30 Campolindo, #37 Lick Wilmerding

Albert Caruana said...

Patrick, thank you for your comment. You definitely pointed out most of the boy's qualifiers to NXN. It's hard to believe that only two teams have qualified from CCS and NCS TOTAL.

Errors like the ones you pointed out do happen but they are very easy to correct if they are pointed out. The reason they happen is that coaches don't always enter their athletes with the same name when entering meets so one athlete will sometimes end up with two profiles. I will go back to see what I can correct from what you mentioned in your comment. If there are others, let me know.

Anonymous said...

NXN is fairly new, back in the day before NXN when only Footlocker existed and before that Kinney, and was considered the only national championship meet for individuals. Does a list exist of No Cal runners that qualified for Kinney and Foot Locker? It can be said NXN has watered down the sport for individuals.

JGilkey said...

Justine Fedronic in 08 and Jessie Petersen in 10 were NXN Individual Qualifiers

Anonymous said...

Yes, the database should be cleaned up whenever possible. The problem with reporting errors is that MS does not have a report button like has. If you point out problems through the comments section, there never seems to be a response.

The only other quibble I have with the MS database is that they don't use course conversions when comparing 5k and 3m times. Since most of the good teams run at Woodward, it is easier to compare teams based on their 5k times at the same course. But the 3m comparisons are useless since they compare teams running at a tough course like Crystal (yes, they count it as 3m) to a racetrack like Woodbridge. That gives the SS schools a big advantage in the 3M predications. There must be a way to apply a converter so we can get better predictions. Other than that, I love MS and the sorting functions they have. Keep up the good work!

Albert Caruana said...

I have access to the MS database so all you have to do is let me know and I can fix those errors.

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